Four Brilliant Approaches To Decorating Your Christmas Tree This Year

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Christmas is, somehow, a matter of weeks away. If you’re organised enough to have already planned and budgeted your way to a workable Christmas, more power to you!

But there’s one bit of Christmas prep that, while potentially the most fun, is also the most likely to be a Christmas planner’s downfall: the tree. How should you approach tree decoration this year?

The Tree

Before we talk about tree decoration ideas, approaches or even inspiration, it is first important to discuss the tree itself. The kind of tree you choose is vital to your overall aesthetic or design, as different trees can create fundamentally different feels in a space. If space is a premium, there’s lots of Christmas tree ideas for small spaces too!

There are significant differences between the kind of pine you can get, let alone between real or plastic!

Norway spruces are the quintessential Christmas tree, and perfect for traditional aesthetics. But if you’re more practically minded, the Nordmann fur is better for shedding; not so much pesky hoovering involved!

Of course, plastic trees are a strong budget option but no less valid for it. A lot can be done to make a plastic tree shine all the brighter!

The Lights

With your tree safely up and ready in its final resting place, your first concern will be in relation to lighting. Fairy lights should be the first thing you adorn your Christmas tree with, as they would be much harder to get sitting right with ornaments already placed! You may also need to plug your lights into the mains, which can be finicky to manage when contending with baubles and the like.

Which lights you choose will also depend on your ideal aesthetic. You can’t go wrong with a warm light, evoking cosiness and comfort; but for a modern silver-and-gold tree you might prefer a blue-tinged light. You could even get LEDs that change colour, either via remote or on a timer, for a neon take on Christmas!

The Baubles

With your lights comfortably ensconced in your tree, your next step is adornment with ornaments! Every household ends up with its own assortment of baubles and hanging ornaments, making for a truly unique Christmas tree from home to home – but how do you approach your own tree with decoration perfection in mind?

Again, your aesthetic comes into play. Maybe, rather than throwing all your baubles at the tree, a less-is-more approach can help you achieve your vision more readily? Try separating your ornaments into colours, then picking two or three to move ahead with. You could let nostalgia win, and pick just baubles that evoke a strong memory! 

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The Top

Lastly, we come to the crowning glory, the statement piece that could well define your tree: the topper. Angels and stars are classic choices for this, but the world is your oyster.

Really, anything can top your Christmas tree! You just have to choose something that means something to your household.

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