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hallway Inspiration

How To Lighten A Dark Narrow Hallway

Focus on the colour

The darker the paint, the smaller the space. Focus on light neutral colours with yellow or pink undertones.


Add a runner rug

Running one down a partial length of the hallway will make it seem longer than it is, and it will bring some much needed softness and warmth to the hallway.

artwork? One side only

Use artwork on one side only and place it at a mid to high height so the eye is drawn up. Don’t overload a narrow hallway.

add a mirror

A mirror is one of the best ways to make a space feel larger and more inviting as it will help to reflect and bounce light around the room.

White Bag

focus on the lighting

Don’t go for pendant lights with a long drop, opting for natural materials like rattan will soften the look of the hallway.

think of the line of view

Is there clutter right at the end? Move it! Can a mirror be added to the end of the hallway to help reflect the light better? A hallway should focus on everything in its path.