9 Shelving Ideas for living rooms

Embrace Curvature

Creating an arched alcove within a dead space softens the room and creates a really modern, and laidback look in the space.


Black For Definition

A black unit like this is just the perfect addition to a modern or transitional living space, the colour brings a defining accent.


Double It Up

This perfectly executed alcove space, combines a double arch of shelving to create individual, smaller pockets of space which are arguably easier to style than expansive lengths of shelves.


Mix The Depth of Shelves

Create your own balance and visual interest on built in shelves by mixing the depth of shelves.


Modular White Shelving

If you are struggling to fill a blank wall in a living room and aren’t privy to alcove space, adding a static set of shelves like this will solve your conundrum.


Colour Blocking

By colour blocking the base cupboard in a bold, contrasting shade, it instantly elevates and brings some warmth and colour into the living room.


Media Wall Shelving

Media walls are continuing to see a huge uptake in living rooms, they’re a great solution for new builds that lack character, and they have the benefit of housing a TV unit and shelving too.


Box Them In

Mixing up one length shelves with box divides makes the space feel more uniformed, yet at the same time it actually makes styling this size of shelving much easier to execute.


 Picture Shelves

It’s not all about chunky shelves in a living room. Picture shelves are a simple, yet highly effective form of shelving in a living room.