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15 Tiled Hallway Ideas With WOW Factor

airy wood aesthetic

Traditional, modern wooden aesthetic floor tiles are one of the most versatile and durable options that can work with a myriad of design schemes.

Stars in your eyes

These star design traditional floor tiles bring serious gravitas to the space, the border around the tiles brings that touch of definition and uniformity.

dark slate tiles

The dark tiles will lead the way in either a minimalist or modern design, bring in some other black accents to  draw the room together.

Go bold with geometric

This moody, yet ultra sultry hallway space packs a punch. It’s powerful, defining yet still feels like a warm and fun space.

White Bag

Victorian floor tiles

A classic style from the Victorian era, if you have a period property and are looking for some tiled hallway ideas with period authenticity, look no further.

timeless cream & black

The octagon limestone tiles bring such a classic appeal to a property, simple linen coloured with that defining and balanced mix of black throughout.

monochrome tiles

Black and white are elements of a modern property, and I love the stylish yet ultra relaxed look in this hallway.

green patterned tiles

Green with envy? Dare to be different with something other than monochrome in your hallway. You’ll often find that standard designs are available in different colours too.

go bold with multicolour

The design can be distracting to the eye, so it’s a type of tiled hallway which is better for larger scale hallways that can carry the design.

marble victorian tiles

These iconic tiles were once used in Victorian era train stations, this collection draws on this heritage with rich traditional tones.

soft grey geometric tiles

I just love the versatility of these soft grey geometric floor tiles, they’re perfect for almost all home decor design styles.

red chequered tiles

But, perhaps you fancy something a little bolder for serious wow factor? For the most daring, these red chequered tiles bring quite a style statement with them.

a pop of pink

Whilst this less popular colour for a hallway isn’t to everyone’s taste, in the right dose it can provide a light, feminine and pretty aesthetic in a hallway.

spicy terracotta

Terracotta is the colour of the hour, and it just looks incredible in a hallway. It bring a rustic quality, yet warm definition that doesn’t include a single touch of black.

Pastel zig zag tiles

These pastel zigzag tiles instantly draw the eye as you step into the room and they bring a ton of colour and warmth with them.

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