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11 Grey & White Hallway Ideas

01 - Half wall panelling

This simple space features a Greek style black and white carpet for that instant drama, yet ties together well with the black accents.

02 - Grey runner rug

Adding a grey runner rug to the hallway will make the space feel longer, and it provides a touch of softness and warmth as you step through the front door.

03 - Stair runner carpet

A great way to elevate a hallway is to add a simple yet effective stair runner carpet. 


04 - Modern, grey flooring

Ground things with some large grey floor tiles. I love this choice in a hallway – they’re durable, easy to clean and modern.

White Bag

05 - grey farmhouse console table

 Introduce a beautiful farmhouse grey console table for definition and a place to store and style your favourite decor accessories.

06 - definition with charocal grey

Charcoal grey can be a perfect alternative to black. Add as an accent in the hallway to define the space.

07 - Geometric floor tiles

For traditional and transitional interior schemes, create instant drama with charcoal grey geometric floor tiles.

08 - embrace radiators

Rather than hiding it, why not use your radiator as a design accent? Modern radiators can bring style rather than cause an eyesore these days.

09 - elevate your front door

A glossy, grey door is a popular choice for a front door colour, and it lets you appreciate the defining colour on the inside too.

10 - layer with grey

If you use white as your main foundational colour, don’t bring just one shade of grey in. Layer with differing shades of grey for texture, depth and definition.

11 - black accents

Add a few well placed black accents for a defining feature in a grey and white hallway.

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