Innovative Tile Choices for Cosmic Bathroom Makeovers

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In the realm of home design, one often underrated space holds the potential to make a significant style statement is the bathroom.

As we navigate through the elements that inject character into this often-overlooked room, one crucial component that stands out is tiles. 

Tiles lay the foundations in a space, and whether you opt for a half tiled bathroom look or choose to use them all over, picking the right type of tile for your bathroom will make a huge overall design impact on the space.

Innovative Tile Choices for Cosmic Bathroom Makeovers

Ceramic Tiles: Affordable and Adaptable Artists

First on our list, and possibly the biggest game-changer, are ceramic tiles.

They’re the classic, the commonly used, and the cornerstone of bathroom walls and floors. With a vast portfolio of colours, patterns, and sizes tucked under their belts, ceramic tiles are like the chameleons of your bathroom landscape.

Square, rectangular or hexagonal, you name it, they’ve got it. It’s like a sprinkling of bathroom fairy dust!

ceramic bathroom tiles

Porcelain Tiles: The Robust and Reliable Route

Next up, meet porcelain tiles, the unsung heroes that stand the test of time.

Armed with durability and a water-resistant shield, they’re the knights in shining armour guarding your bathroom floors and walls.

They can wear the garb of natural stone or wood, mimicking their appearance whilst delivering excellent performance. So, if you’re all about durability coupled with style, porcelain is your pick!

porcelain tiles

Subway Tiles: The Timeless Trendsetters

Walking down memory lane of tile history, let’s give a nostalgic nod to Subway tiles.

Typically rectangular ceramic or porcelain tiles, usually measuring a classic 3×6 inches, they’ve been holding fort on bathroom walls for decades.

The brickwork pattern they’re often arranged in not only adds texture but also adds a whole lot of vintage vibes. In short, subway tiles can make your bathroom look like it jumped off the pages of an old-time glossy magazine, and who wouldn’t want that?

Subway tiles come in a huge range of colours and can be used for Scandinavian to Victorian bathroom decor schemes.

subway tiles

Mosaic Tiles: The Intricate Illusionists

Let’s welcome the small but mighty, Mosaic tiles. These are usually small, often square tiles made of ceramic, glass, or natural stone.

The fun part? They’re used for creating intricate, eye-catching designs and patterns that can make your bathroom walls and floors look like a beautifully assembled puzzle.

They’re the magical maestros that make your bathroom a unique masterpiece.

mosaic tiles

Penny Tiles: The Retro Revivalists

Stepping into our list next are the delightful Penny tiles. Infusing a splash of retro charm or a dash of contemporary class, these small, circular wonders work amazingly for both floors and walls.

Whether crafted from ceramic or gleaming glass, they surpass the ordinary, laying down an extraordinary vision. From adding zing to your shower floor to creating a feature wall, these vintage-inspired tiles can turn any bathroom space into a chic design delight.

For those who adore a blend of the traditional with a modern twist, Penny tiles are sure to fit the bill, or should we say, the tile?

penny tiles

Bathroom Maintenance

One crucial thing you shouldn’t overlook though is maintenance.

Whichever beautiful option you go for, remember that the secret to a sparkling bathroom is regular maintenance, preferably with efficient but eco-friendly cleaning products.

This way not only will your entire bathroom look great, but when you address each element regularly, you won’t have to deal with toilet clogs and other kerfuffle that can arise due to lack of proper cleaning. 

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when choosing your bit of bathroom bling. From the classic ceramic and robust porcelain to the timeless subway tiles or artistic mosaic designs, your choices are as varied and unique as you are.

So, go on, make a splash in your bathroom decor – after all, your bathroom deserves to shine just as much as any other room!

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