What Colours Go With Duck Egg Blue?

what colours go with duck egg blue
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Looking to refresh your interiors but not sure what colours go with duck egg blue? There’s a lot to love about this soft, relaxing and well balanced colour, a restorative colour scheme for living rooms, bedrooms and beyond.

Duck egg blue offers a timeless edge in an interior and it pairs well with other soft hues, bold statement colours and metal accents such as brass and copper.

If you’re looking to embrace this colour in your interior and wondering what colours go with duck egg blue, here are 10 colour combinations that work beautifully together. There’s sure to be a combination that works for you here!

What Colours Go With Duck Egg Blue?


White is a classic combination for duck egg blue that creates a fresh and clean look. It’s perfect for an interior whether you have a minimalist or coastal style.

Most colours go with white, but duck egg blue specifically works well. The warm, yet soft welcoming tone of duck egg blue offsets the often clinical feel of white, making the two work together incredibly well.

Dusty Pink

Name a more iconic duo… Duck egg blue is a soft, muted shade of blue so it works really well with other pared back tones of colours.

Dusty Pink is a perfect combo, it adds warmth and a subtle pop of colour when layered on top. Introduce dusty pink as an accent colour in a few well placed areas, it could be a piece of furniture, throws, cushions or decor accessories.

Alternatively, use dusty pink as the dominant colour and duck egg blue as a simple accent.

duck egg blue and pink


If you want to create a more neutral based colour scheme that doesn’t involve white, cream is a perfect solution.

Use cream as the dominant colour in the space and duck egg blue on a feature wall through wallpaper or paint.

Or perhaps, just a few well placed accents. You can introduce other neutral colours into the space, or add a black accent to help pull the room together, this will providing a grounding aspect in the room.

duck egg blue patterned wallpaper

Mustard Yellow

Looking to make a bold statement against duck blue whilst offering a touch of masculinity too?

Mustard Yellow is perhaps one of my favourite colours to pair against duck egg blue. It adds instant warmth and vibrancy to the room and as duck egg blue is considered a soft, pared back colour it helps to define the room too.

Use mustard yellow on a core piece of furniture like pictured and openly work out into the room around it. Not feeling brave enough for a mustard yellow sofa just yet? Start by introducing the colour with accessories such as cushions, throws and wall art to get a sense of how the colour feels in the space.

mustard yellow sofa with duck egg blue walls


This neutral colour creates a sophisticated and calming palette that works well with the coolness of duck egg blue.

It’s simple, sophisticated and minimal, yet duck egg blue brings a really restorative and warming feel. I love this bedroom with pale grey shiplap and beautiful duck egg blue bedding, it’s a simple touchpoint of the colour but it’s all you need.

The last thing you should do in an interior is overload with duck egg blue as it can easily go wrong!

duck egg blue bedding
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Pair black with duck egg blue for a defining and grounding accent in the room. The key is to use it in a few well placed areas to pull the room together.

A black lamp, a small piece of furniture, interior hardware or decor accessories is a great way to subtlety introduce this colour. I’m a big fan of a black accent if you’re looking to create a modern looking space.

duck egg blue and black interior
Image credit: Feathr

Navy Blue

This bold colour creates a striking contrast against duck egg blue that adds depth and drama to a space. It might be a more favourable choice if you already have existing furniture in navy blue, or if black feels a little too oppressive for your space.

Again, use navy blue on a core piece of furniture in the room, or introduce navy blue textiles or accessories.

duck egg blue living room
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Brass/Gold Tones

When looking at what colours go with duck egg blue, don’t forget to consider metal finishes too. Duck egg blue pairs really well with a huge range of finishes, its softness gives room for the metal to pop and contrast well against it.

Brass and gold tones particularly look good with duck egg blue – whether it’s polished or unlaquered so it ages over time, you can afford to mix differing brass tones for added visual interest.

duck egg blue cabinet with brass handles
Image credit: @girl.with.a.paintbrush


Duck egg blue pairs beautifully with a whole host of differing green shades from emerald green through to a light sage green.

This below colour scheme works particularly well in restful spaces such as bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. The combination of the colours creates an ultra stylish yet laidback and restorative ambience in the room.

You’ll want to introduce other neutrals such as cream or white, and a gorgeous metal accent for good measure, and visual interest.

duck egg blue colour scheme
Image credit: @3beachestextiles

Natural, Wooden Tones

Wooden tones brings a natural and sustainable feel to an interior, and they bring a gorgeous warmth when paired with duck egg blue.

Wood grains continue to grow in popularity in interiors from kitchen islands to side tables and wooden photo frames.

duck egg blue wallpaper
Image credit: Lime Lace

Duck egg blue is a versatile, and soft neutral for a home interior scheme. Whether you want to create a bold and dramatic contrast like that with mustard yellow or keep things neutral and minimal, these 10 colours will help you to successfully use duck egg blue in your interior whilst creating style cohesion throughout!

Before You Go…

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