Top Tile Trends With Timeless Appeal

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Thinking of having tiles added to your kitchen or bathroom but want to ensure they won’t go out of style in 10- or 20 years’ time? 

While we can’t guarantee what the future holds, there are many tile trends that have lasted for many generations. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best tile trends that offer timeless appeal. Let’s dive in!

Top Tile Trends With Timeless Appeal

Earthy Tones

Neutral tones can bring the colours and shades of nature to your home. One thing that has traversed all of human history is taking inspiration from nature, and with a rising interest in ecology and preserving the environment; the such inspiration isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

However, earthy tones aren’t just limited to neutral tones. Some earthy tile ideas include amber, clay, brick, teal, emerald and aquamarine. Beyond that, you may be interested in porcelain tiles with a wood effect or tiles offering deep green, autumnal tones. Whatever you opt for, colours that represent nature, particularly green-ish tones can offer timeless appeal. 


While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, checkerboard tiles continue to appear in homes across the world in the modern age.

While checkerboard used to be all about the use of black-and-white designs, nowadays, some are experimenting with more vibrant and colourful aesthetics. So it’s worth keeping an open mind if you’re considering a checkerboard tile installation.

Whatever traditional style you choose, getting your floor tiled with a design that offers timeless appeal can offer your home a new lease of life and also hopefully ensure that your floors/walls will remain trendy. 


Terracotta tiles date back to ancient times and continue to be widely used in the modern world. Terracotta is an earthenware tile meaning it is great at absorbing water which is part of why they make great use for tiles. However, its aesthetic value cannot go overlooked.

Terracotta tiles offer a superb balance of ruggedness and being refined. Beyond that, due in part to our collective appreciation for worn down ancient artefacts, for many, terracotta tiles develop more character and aesthetic quality over time.

This is because of the accumulation of patina. This is a brown or green film that can develop on the surface of objects as a result of long-term oxidation. While this may have once been considered an eyesore, at this point in history, we think “beautiful”, “rustic”, and “charming”. 

This is arguably a modern phenomenon. After all, while ancient Greek statues are associated with a pure white appearance, many were, in fact, painted and acted as colourful displays during antiquity. Who knows, perhaps in 500 years, they’ll admire rusty skyscrapers maintained within but allowed to grow old on the outside.

terracotta tiles
Image credit: Sarsen Stone Group

Moroccan Style

Another beautiful style is that of Moroccan tiles. Along with proving a particularly popular trend this year, decorative Moroccan tiles are a product of North African heritage. Moroccan tiles are known for their use of intricate and colourful designs, merging something of a psychedelic aura with antiquated artistry. 

Moroccan decorative tiles are super easy to install and maintain. They are well-suited for tiling bathroom walls and will be a good fit for most floors. You may also wish to add matching patchwork prints to a room focal point, such as a kitchen island. Whatever you opt for, Moroccan decorative tiles added to the right space can offer a magnificent aesthetic and add plenty of vibrancy.

Metro Brick/Subway Tiles

Metro brick (a.k.a. subway tiles) is a very common and long-lasting type of tile. They remain especially popular for bathroom walls, with inspiration taken from London underground tiles.

As for the colour and tones, the options are pretty much endless. Whether you’d like to opt for a calming neutral tone, fierce and bold red or even the oceanic ambience of turquoise, metro bricks/subway tiles remain, for many, the perfect and simple solution to giving their walls the character and background aesthetic needed.

Neutral Herringbone Tiles

Another long-lasting option is that of herringbone tile. The use of neutral tones with this design remains particularly popular. 

Neutral herringbone tiles have been around for many centuries, with their woven aesthetic providing an understated but soothing aesthetic and feel. If you’d like something similar to the traditional approach but with a fresh twist, consider sideways herringbone tiles. 

With the original design flipped sideways and dark grout added to fill the lines between each tile, you are left with a black-and-white geometric display that asserts originality and visual appeal.

herringbone tiles

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