What Colour Carpet Goes With Teal Walls?

what colour carpet goes with teal walls

During a home renovation or a refresh of your interiors, the first part usually starts with getting the walls painted. Starting with the walls creates the bare foundations, and helps to guide your interiors. 

Perhaps you’re considering teal on your walls? This lovable shade is perfect for bringing a touch of warmth to an interior, and is great for coastal inspired themes. But what about the carpet?

The next natural step in the interior design process is to select your flooring, or carpet, so, let’s take a look at what colour carpet goes with teal walls to help you make a considered decision about something that you won’t want to regret in the near future…

What Colour Carpet Goes With Teal Walls?

Cream Carpet

It’s best to start looking at neutral coloured pairings for a bold colour like teal on the walls. Cream is a great balancer, it neutralises the boldness of the teal and is a great option for a carpet colour.

Having a cream carpet will also allow you to confidently build and layer with other colours and textures throughout the room.

If you’re going for a modern look, adding in a few defining accents of black will really create a striking look whilst adding depth to the room.

It’s worth bearing in mind if you have children or pets as a cream carpet isn’t the most functional choice, it looks amazing, but it does show marks, and dirt very easily.

cream carpet
Image credit: Carpetright

Grey Carpet

For something a little bit cooler, grey carpet can be a perfect pairing for teal walls. It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst grey is a neutral, far less colours work with grey than beige which is a bare foundation to build on.

Like beige carpet, you’re going to want to add in some defining tones such as black or charcoal to add definition to the space.

grey carpet
Image credit: Flooring Superstore

Black Carpet

If you’re creating a modern looking interior decor scheme, then black carpet could be a perfect choice. This colour is NOT for the faint hearted, remember you’re going to be living with this for the foreseeable. It’s not a cheap mistake to make and isn’t a restful colour.

It is not a popular carpet colour for the home, but it can look luxurious and sophisticated with the right styling. It’s also perfect for busy households and much more forgiving than beige carpet.

For a living room, I’d almost always ensure that you add an area rug to define the space and to avoid the look that the furniture is floating. This will break up the monotony of the black too.

black carpet
Image credit: Flooring Superstore

White Herringbone Carpet

White is a natural pairing for teal for a stylish yet fresh feel, however, without texture it’s going to look bland and easily show every single mark.

This white herringbone carpet is such a luxurious, beautiful finish. The differing texture brings depth to the floor space and looks like it has the softest touch for those feet!

This is a very bold choice in a home because of the light shade. Therefore, avoid if you have a busy household and only use in resting rooms, transitional spaces such as hallways and stairs are a no-go for a colour like this, especially if you want it to last.

white herringbone carpet
Image credit: Sweetpea & Willow

Brown Carpet

If you want something a little more defining than cream, but not overpowering like black, brown carpet is a great middle ground that’s neutral and warm in equal measures.

It’s not the most common colour of carpet in homes, but it can look amazing next to teal walls in the right setting, and of course, it has to work with your personal tastes too.

brown carpet
Image credit: Flooring Superstore

The best colour of carpet for teal walls is ultimately neutral shades, but there are other options if you want a bolder, more daring aesthetic in your home.

It will also come down to your personal taste and the desired aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Traditional lino or wooden flooring is a great choice for teal walls, and you can add area rugs in the colour of your choice to set a boundary in the space.

Wood flooring can feel cold if you’re used to carpet, but it massively widens the scope for how you dress it, plus, it’s much easier to maintain and clean with children and pets.

Is Teal A Warm or Cold Colour?

Teal is a beautiful shade of blue-green that is commonly debated as to whether it is a warm or cool colour. Arguably some may view teal as a warm colour due to its hints of green, however, it is generally considered a cool colour as the predominant hue in teal is blue.

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