Quick Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

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Daydreaming of a kitchen renovation, but not sure if that’s an option right now? By making a few small tweaks, you can still get that fresh kitchen feeling back, without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways how: 

1.Update your countertops 

If you’ve had your countertops for a while or if they’ve been there since you moved in, it could be an idea to either update or restore them.  

Countertops are one of your kitchen’s main design features, so changing them is one of the main ways to change overall feel of the room.  

If you have wooden counters, you could even repaint them as part of a quick DIY project. 

If you want to get completely new countertops, research the materials that best suit your budget and needs. Options include concrete, natural stone, wood and ceramic among others. Make sure you gen up on the pros and cons of each countertop material before you make your final choice.  

2. Repaint cupboards and skirting boards 

Another way to refresh your kitchen is by brightening up your cupboards with a new lick of paint.  

You could take wooden cupboards off the hinges, sand them down and start painting them in the colour of your choosing. Minimalistic colours like white, black and grey can make a kitchen look sophisticated and clean. Olive green is also a popular colour at the moment, according to Country Living. This colour can lend your busy kitchen a calm, country cottage air.    

A new coating of paint around your skirting boards can really make your kitchen look fresh again too.  

3. Replace old fixtures and fittings 

While you have got the cupboard doors off their hinges, you could also replace any old hinges with new ones like these here . If you want to really modernise your kitchen, pay attention to the inset (visible) hinges. Powder-coat them in a colour that matches the colour of your painted cabinets. They will then blend in with the colour scheme seamlessly! 

4. Open up the space 

If there’s not a lot of space in your kitchen and it feels cluttered, consider ways in which you could make it look more open. 

Removing some of the doors from your upper cabinetry can make the space look more modern and functional. With open shelving, you can easily reach for plates and bowls. This can be a really effective look for your kitchen. 

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can also achieve the airy, spacious effect you’re looking for. Look for glass tiles and glossy cabinets and you’ll see how transformative this can be! 

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