15 Complementary Colours For Brown

complementary colours for brown

Decorating with the colour brown and not sure what to pair it with? These 15 complementary colours for brown look amazing together.

Brown is a versatile and neutral colour, making it easy to incorporate into any type of home decor scheme. There are varying shades of brown which makes it easy to work into an interior.

In this blog, I’ll be exploring the various colours that pair perfectly with brown so you can create a stylish and eye-catching look in your home.

We’ll take a look at a range of colours from bright and bold to subtle and muted, so you can find the perfect shades for your interior design needs.

So, let’s get started on exploring the complementary colours for brown.

15 Complementary Colours For Brown


The colours brown and beige both have warm and neutral undertones, making them complementary colours.

They pair well together because they don’t clash or compete with one another, creating a natural and soothing atmosphere.

Brown and beige also have a sense of balance when used together, creating an inviting and comfortable look in any room.

complementary colours for brown

2. Tan

Brown and tan are both earthy, warm colours that help to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The two colours share similar undertones, making them complementary and easy to blend together.

Tan is a bit brighter than brown, allowing it to highlight and accentuate the darker tones of brown, creating an interesting and eye-catching look.

brown and tan interior

3. Cream

Brown and cream pair nicely together because they are both warm and neutral colours. Cream is a lighter shade than brown, making it perfect for contrasting with this darker shade.

The two colours also have a calming and soothing effect when used together, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

cream and brown home interior

4. White

Brown and white are complementary colours because they are opposites on the colour wheel. Brown is a darker and warmer color, whilst white is a brighter and cooler colour.

When used together, they create a balanced and eye-catching look, making them perfect for any home decor.

In an interior setting you may want to create a neutral inspired colour scheme, having white as the main foundational colour on your walls and then adding brown in with furnishings and decor accessories. Introduce a third colour like green or blush pink for added warmth.

complementary colours for brown

5. Navy Blue

Brown and navy blue are both dark colours, making them complementary and easy to blend together. Navy is a cool color while brown is a warm colour, helping to create contrast and interest when used together.

The two colours also create a sophisticated and modern look, making them perfect for contemporary home decor schemes.

navy blue and brown interior

6. Grey

Brown and grey complement each other because they are both neutral colors. The two colours have similar undertones, making them easy to blend together without creating a clash.

The combination of brown and grey can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, making them perfect for any space.

complementary colours for brown

7. Red

Brown and red are perfect for creating a bold and vibrant look in any room. Red is a warm and bright colour, while brown is a dark and neutral colour.

The combination of the two creates contrast and interest, making them perfect for making a statement in any home decor.

complementary colours for brown

8. Orange

Brown and orange are complementary colors because they are opposites on the colour wheel. Orange is a bright and warm color, while brown is a dark and neutral color.

Orange can help to bring further warmth into a room, pairing well with both light to mid and dark brown shades. Introduce pops of orange into a home decor scheme with cushions, throws and small decor accessories.

complementary colours for brown

9. Yellow

Like orange, yellow is another great warm complementary colour for brown as it’s at the opposite end of the colour spectrum.

Use yellow on your walls for a sunny introduction in your home, pair with brown curtains and layer with furnishings and other textiles for a cohesive look.

complementary colours for brown

10. Green

Green can be a cool and bright colour, and brown brings a grounding aspect to a room. The combination of the two creates contrast and interest, making them perfect for creating a unique and stylish look.

Pair with a smooth sage green for a tranquil look, or introduce an earthy, forest green for adding definition in a space.

Green is a great colour to introduce with layering, think throws, cushions and curtains – texture is important too.

complementary colours for brown

11. Teal

Brown and teal are a match made in heaven. Teal is a cool and muted color, while brown is a warm and neutral colour. The combination of the two colors creates balance and harmony, making them perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

teal and brown interior

12. Turquoise

Like teal, turquoise introduces a beautifully calming aesthetic to an interior when used with brown. The depth of brown pairs well with the light, tranquility that teal brings.

If you’ve opted for brown walls, introduce teal with furnishings and layer with textiles such as cushions and throws.

13. Purple

Purple can be both a cool and vibrant colour, depending on what shade you go for, whilst brown is a dark and neutral colour.

The combination of the two creates contrast and interest, making them perfect for making a statement in any home decor.

Combine with a soft lilac for a calming feel in a room, or introduce a really dark purple to add more definition to a space.

complementary colours for brown

14. Black

A modern interior is characterised by black accents, and despite it being a dark colour too, black is the ultimate defining colour in a space.

Whether you are teaming it with a soft brown, or a darker shade, black will tie the room together and ground it.

Pair your brown walls with black accents such as door handles, sockets & switches and accents on furniture such as chair legs.

complementary colours for brown

15. Blush Pink

Like the definition of brown, but want to create a feminine space? Blush pink is one of the ultimate complementary colours for brown. It’s soft, beautiful and will completely lift a brown interior.

It works best when introducing it through textured layers to really get that softness across in a room, think throws, cushions, voile curtains and small pieces of furniture.

blush pink and brown home interior

Brown is a versatile and neutral colour which means there are many complementary colours for brown that work beautifully together. With the right combination of colours, brown can be used to create a bold and eye-catching look, or a subtle and soothing atmosphere.

Looking for a perfect brown shade in your interior? Take a look at Dulux Malt Chocolate and Dulux Heart Wood, two very different but sumptuous shades of brown for an interior.

What do you think of brown in an interior, which of these complementary colours for brown are your favourite?

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