How To Do A Home Makeover On A Budget

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While the property market is looking more uncertain than ever before, those looking for a big change in their living arrangements are probably going to be more likely to invest in what they have rather than taking a risk on what they don’t.  

That’s why major home makeovers are becoming such a popular concept right now. But knowing how to do this on a budget given the recent cost-of-living squeeze is of paramount importance. So, how can you give your home a makeover without spending a small fortune?

Buying second hand 

Doing a home makeover using pre-loved items is a great way to cut down on expenses. You may choose to go to a good old fashioned traditional car boot sale and see what’s on offer or try your hand at an auction to pick up some items which will be much cheaper than purchasing firsthand. You could even take the difference between what you would have spent on brand new furnishings and put any money saved into a savings account, giving you a safety net for any future uncertainties.

Highlight key features 

Not all makeovers need to be quite as full-on as you’d expect. A great way to refresh your living space, for example, could be with a fresh lick of paint in key areas to liven the place up. Try experimenting with different colour schemes and consider a feature wall in the living room to really add another dimension to the aesthetics. If you have a fireplace, meanwhile, don’t hide it away – put it on display and really make it pop.

Replace soft furnishings 

One of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to decorate while counting the pennies is to upgrade your soft furnishings. Adding new cushions to the sofa or putting down a new rug will update the space instantly and bring fresh life to a room. Even changing the bedding can make a difference and when it comes to the living room you can never have too many cushions!


While secondhand furniture is a great way of pinching pennies when refurnishing your home, don’t neglect what’s already there if you think it might be salvageable. An old chest of drawers, for example, can look brand new if you take the time to sand it down and varnish it. There’s always the option of a fresh coat of paint too, of course. Storage doesn’t have to be dull either. Indeed, it can become a home decoration if you’re willing to get creative and repurpose old unused baskets as “boutique towel hampers.” 

The little things

Have you thought about replacing your doorknobs? Or perhaps tiling your kitchen to give it a bespoke splash back look? Or maybe you have a lot of old music posters lying around you could make a cool collage out for your teenager’s bedroom? Don’t neglect the little things.

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