Creating A Calm & Cosy Snug

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During the colder months, there’s nothing better than hunkering down in a peaceful space to read a book or take a bit of time out from daily stresses. And a calm and cosy snug is perfect for doing just that.

But if your home is lacking this type of space, how do you create one? Well, there are several ways you can create a snug. And to help you along, here’s some practical tips.

Find or make your ideal space

If you have a compact reception room or lounge, it’s perfect for a snug. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t, as you only need a bit of space to create a snug. And it doesn’t need to be particularly light or airy.

So, it’s not difficult to turn a neglected dining room or box room into your new cosy snug. You may need to have a bit of vision, but even a large entrance hall or upstairs landing could work with a few tweaks. 

But what if you don’t already have the ideal space to use?

Well, that’s no problem either.

There’s often an unused garage or similar space you can convert. And if all else fails, you can steal a bit of space from one of your existing rooms.

Long and narrow living spaces can often benefit from being partitioned off, so this is a particularly good option. The best way to do this is by fitting stud walls, to create your new room. 

Tailor the lighting

If you’re dividing a large room to create your snug, you will need to think carefully about lighting. It may not have a window, so there’ll be no natural light coming in. And it may not have a suitably located lighting point. So, you may need an electrician to wire in lighting and add switches for you.

For any snug, the lighting is an important part of creating a calm and cosy ambience. This means that a single light is often inadequate.

You may prefer multiple wall lights or adjustable lighting options, such as dimmers and lights with hinged arms. And a mix of floor and table lamps are ideal for highlighting cosy corners or illuminating a comfy chair for reading.

Decorate it for warmth

A snug does need to feel warm and cosy, so getting the décor right is essential. Warm colours in terracotta and beige tones will bring a sense of warmth. But not everyone finds these colours calming, so you may wish to use them carefully. Pairing with calmer taupe, French grey or off-white tones.

High ceilings don’t always work well in snugs but painting them in a darker colour than the walls can make them feel less imposing and increase the room’s cosiness. 

Traditionally styled wallpaper patterns in deep hues can bring a homely feel too, helping you to dial up the warmth of your room.

Furnish it for comfort

Furnishing your snug for comfort is a must. So, you’ll need seating that feels like a warm hug. Snuggler sofas do this very well.

But whatever sofa or chairs you choose, it’s wise to try before you buy. This way you can be sure they’re as comfy as they look. Of course, you can always increase the comfort with soft cushions and throws too.

Comfort isn’t just about sitting though. Side tables are useful to keep drinks and books to hand without taking up too much space. And if you do want a coffee table, you might want to consider the upholstered type to keep the space feeling soft, calming and cosy.

Keep it calm and carry on

As well as the big elements, your snug will only work well if you don’t overlook the finer details. If you’re looking for a calm space, then you may find more peace if the room doesn’t have a TV in it. If you really want a TV in the room, think about installing it in an alcove or cupboard, so it doesn’t dominate the space or become the main focal point.

You might like to use calming pictures and paintings of the natural world or landscapes you love. And if your snug has a window that looks out onto a busy road, you might want to add blinds or shutters to shut out the noise and hectic scenes outside.

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  1. Hi, what do you think of candles & wax melts when creating a cosy atmosphere. I find that they help enormously with helping a room feel more warm and cosy.

    Especially nearing spring a nice floral scent like lavender is a nice way to fill the room with a pleasant atmosphere.

    • Hi Fraser, wax melts and candles are a great combination, scent is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a room so make it a likeable scent such as lavender or vanilla!


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