Finding Your Lampshade Style

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If you’re looking to make changes to your interior décor, then the addition of a new lampshade might not be the first thing you think of.

But a lampshade can be an enormously influential furnishing, since it will influence the hue and direction of the bulb at its centre.

There’s an enormous variety of lampshades on offer, and it might not be immediately obvious which is right for you.

Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll want to think about on your way to finding your lampshade style!

Choosing the right shape

Different lampshades come in different shapes. You might find drum-shaped cylindrical ones, ovular ones, cones, squares, rectangles, and, arguably the most famous, the ‘empire’ style tapered cylinder.

When you’re thinking about what shape to choose, you’ll want to take into account the surrounding décor, as well as the shape of the room.

Be sure to judge a lampshade based not just on how it looks in isolation, but how it looks when there’s light coming from the inside of it.

Thinking about the material

Different lampshades are made from different materials, which will influence the colour and direction of the light passing through them. Thicker materials will mean more shading, and therefore starker lights.

Some of the more popular materials include silk, cotton, card and linen. You’ll want to choose something that matches with your taste, of course – but bear in mind that certain materials make a better match for certain shapes.

You can use the material of your lampshade to hugely influence the overall feel of the room. If you’re looking to create a cosy vibe, then your choice of material can be a great way to dial down the harshness of your lighting.

What is your colour palette?

You’ll want to pick out lightshades whose colour matches that of the surrounding room. If you don’t, then you might find that you end up with clashes that aren’t really visible until the lights come on.

The best way to handle this is to use an online colour-matching tool, and then shopping for lampshades that match the colour of your walls, curtains, and upholstery.

You can find plenty of inspiration on the internet, and you’ll find that certain colour schemes make a better match for some rooms than others.

Remember, however, that your personal taste is what will ultimately decide what works in your home and what doesn’t. 

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