3 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

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Since many of us are working from home at least a few days of the week, our homes have taken on more significance in our everyday lives.

Spending whole days there can be lovely, especially if we can avoid the dreaded commute, but so much time at home can open our eyes to things that need fixing, layouts that we don’t like and aesthetic features that we no longer find pleasing. 

It’s no wonder that people are starting new renovation projects and shaking up their homes to give it a fresh new look. And whilst a major renovation project can be really rewarding, there are also other ways to breathe new life into your home without tearing down the walls.


For those who feel like a really big overhaul is needed, consider a renovation project that’s going to bring your home back to life.

You may want to create a light-filled working space, in which a conservatory is a great idea, or you’ve accumulated so much stuff and don’t know where to put it all, in which case a basement is very practical.

Whatever you decide needs doing, ensure that you have home renovation insurance sorted beforehand. This will protect you against all aspects of renovation, including major and structural renovations, as well as accidents on site and late completion dates.

Freshen up your décor

Something as simple as stripping the wallpapers and brightening up your spaces with a fresh lick of paint or restructuring tired rooms with statement furniture can do wonders to your home.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, that’s what sites like Instagram and Pinterest are for! Follow some interior designers and see what they’re doing, browse some interior magazines and then get to work on your mood board. 

Most importantly, decide how do you want to feel in each room. Relaxing, neutral shades work well in bedrooms and living rooms whilst vibrant colours help focus attention and stir productivity in kitchens and offices. 

Make Space

Homes can easily become cluttered and untidy if there isn’t adequate storage space. Even a layout change can facilitate a clearer, neater aesthetic which creates calm spaces and helps us all avoid stress. 

Open-plan layouts can really brighten up a home. If you have permission, one option is to knock down an internal wall to open up some spaces and allow more natural light to flood in. You could even install bi-folding doors that look out onto your garden, making your home feel more spacious and connecting you to nature, even when the weather is typically British and uninviting! 

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