13 Colours That Work Amazingly Well With Copper

copper hanging pendant lights against a marble wall and wooden flooring

Planning a new look for your interior? Want to add a touch of elegance to a space but not sure what colours go with copper?

You’re not alone. Copper is an amazing colour and has a timeless element that enables interior designs to avoid ageing like many other schemes.

As you can get copper as a paint, metal accents, decorative metal pieces and even architectural copper, you’re not limited in how you use it either.

If you’re embracing copper, here are 13 colour combinations that work well with it. There’s sure to be a combination that works for you here!

What Colours Work Well With Copper?

1.Copper and white

Copper and white are a classic combination often exhibited by a copper bath in a white bathroom, a copper mirror on a white wall or copper pans lining a wall in a kitchen.

Most things go with white, but copper specifically works well. The warm, welcoming tone of copper offsets the often clinical feel of white, making the two work together incredibly well.

copper pans on a wooden shelf in a white kitchen

2. Copper and black

Another combination you shouldn’t overlook in an interior design is copper and black. Both offer depth and colour that can work wonders in many spaces.

You’ll have to be careful though. Too much and the combination can become overbearing. Consider combining with white or using it in very light spaces to offset the dark.

You’ll only want to use black as an accent colour here, this could be with interior hardware details like sockets & switches, to black art prints.

3. Copper and blue

Copper and blue are another colour combination worth examining. You’ll often see this in a snug or study or perhaps in a kitchen with a copper backsplash or worktop and dark blue cupboards.

Wherever you see it, the two colours create a feeling of elegance or extravagance with very little effort.

blue corner sofa with a copper side table

4. Copper and pastels

Copper and pastels like light blue or pink also work well. As pink reflects the red tones in copper, the combination can work incredibly well, feeding off each other within a space.

Care should be taken with the copper though as it’s easy to overwhelm a space with too much of it.

pastel pink cabinets with copper pull handles
Image credit: Dowsing & Reynolds

5. Copper and aqua or turquoise

Copper and aqua or turquoise is another powerful combination you’ll often see in kitchens or bathrooms but can be used anywhere if you know what you’re doing.

They all have rich tones and depth so require a careful hand to get the best out of them. Pair them carefully and you could create an amazing space!

6. Copper and grey

Copper and grey are a very mature look without being too sensible about it. The combination combines a vibrant colour with a neutral to create something that pleases the eye.

The tone of grey you choose can completely change the feel of a space and offers a lot of freedom to design a room to match a particular feel as well as signature look.

7. Copper and jewel tones

Aqua and turquoise are technically jewel tones but they deserved their very own mention. Here, with copper and jewel tones, we refer to ruby, purple, cranberry, sapphire and even emerald.

Rich, deep colours that provide a bold look with a touch of elegance depending on how you use them. Less is definitely more if you’re combining these rich colours though!

copper waterfall showerhead against green tiles in a shower enclosure
Image credit: Matki

8. Copper and brass or gold

Copper and brass or gold is another combination worthy of note. They can create a real feeling of luxury and decadence so is another combination to use with care. Mixing metals brings visual interest and undeniable warmth to a space when executed correctly.

Using copper, brass or gold elements rather than block colours would work best. Combine with neutrals or light colours and you can bathe the room in character without overdoing it.

copper double dimmer switch on a pink wall
Image credit: Dowsing and Reynolds

9. Copper and red

Dare to be bold? Try combining copper and red. Pairing the warm copper with another warm tone, in this case, red, can work amazingly well. This is another combination that needs care but can work incredibly well.

Think a red rug and copper lighting or a copper worktop and red cupboard doors. Pair these two with some light colours or neutrals and you have a pop of colour and energy that won’t dominate the space.

10. Copper and wood

While technically not a colour, pairing copper with wood is a powerful combination. The rustic nature of wood offsets the smoothness and order of copper nicely.

Wood and copper can have warm tones with a genuine welcome, which enables them to work perfectly together. Add the unique character of both materials and you have the flexibility to add real depth to a space.

copper sink on a wooden vanity unit
Image credit: JWCPR

11. Copper and Green

Whether you opt for sage green or have a forest green colour scheme in your home, copper is a stunning complementary metal finish for grey that provides a striking contrast, and will bring warmth into a colour scheme too.

Sage green is one of the most on-trend colours right now, delivering a restorative and calming feel to an interior. Introduce copper on sockets and switches, cabinetry handles and on decor accessories to tie the space together.

copper candlestick holders and lantern sat on a wooden console table against a green wall
Image credit: @piecebyjackson

12. Copper and Terracotta

Terracotta is another up and coming colour in the interior world. Despite also being warm in tone, copper works really well terracotta in creating a cohesive and warm interior.

Layering with copper can create a sumptuous room with added visual interest. Think in a bedroom with a copper bed frame, terracotta walls with white bedding and terracotta cushions…

terracotta bedroom with a gallery wall on the bed wall and cream bedding
Image credit: @iconic_lights

13. Copper and Baby Blue

My latest obsession is with baby blue and this colour is not just for a baby boy’s nursery. This calming and cool colour is perfect for a coastal inspired theme, sunny south facing rooms and just for any room that needs a touch of baby blue.

Baby blue is becoming hugely popular in kitchens too, and it works so well with copper as the coolness of the blue balances the warmth of the copper.

baby blue kitchen with copper hardware
Image credit: @aninteriorlife

Using copper within interior design

Copper is an exceptional colour and material. It’s flexible, pliable and can work in any number of ways to enhance a space.

Whether you go large or keep it subtle, the range of products made of copper or that have a copper colour on the market, is huge. That offers huge scope to design any space large or small with copper!

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