Hoover HF500 Anti-twist Product Review

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

Keeping on top of vacuum cleaning has become even more important since getting a dog. But not just any dog, a chow chow which relentlessly sheds its fur.

Our existing vacuum was incredibly heavy and it was becoming an actual chore getting it up the stairs each time. So, what were we looking for? We needed a lightweight, cordless vacuum that had anti hair wrap technology, both for my hair, and my chow chows!

Enter the Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist which is the successor to the H-Free 500. This vacuum offered everything we were looking for; cordless, better performance and suction power, it featured a new “anti twist” floorhead which prevents hairs from wrapping around the brush and faster charging.

The HF500 anti-twist really could be the perfect vacuum we had been looking for, in this product review I’m going to discuss the model, what it comes with and if the anti hair wrap technology will actually suction copious amounts of hair, and not get stuck in the process.

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

What Comes With The Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist

When the box arrived I almost couldn’t believe there was an actual vacuum inside. The box is incredibly compact, but this just demonstrates how light and small the vacuum cleaner is once assembled. 

The HF500 anti-twist comes with;

  • Handheld tool
  • Hoover stick for floor, or high reach use
  • 2 in 1 dusting furniture tool
  • Integrated crevice tool & additional tool
  • Anti-twist floor head
  • Charger
Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

It even comes with a Hoover bag so the small parts can securely be stored away when not in use. If you are limited on space then this is an absolute must have, you could store it away in the box after every use if you wanted to. 

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist Features

I was bowled over by the amazing features of the HF500 anti twist. I LOVE the 3in1 functionality so it can be used for floors, handheld and high reach surfaces. We are having to do a spot vacuum most days because of the amount of hair that our chow produces, and it just wasn’t enjoyable with a huge vacuum cleaner that couldn’t be used in a handheld form. For me, this was one of the biggest pulls for opting for this vacuum. 

For someone like me who has hip length hair and a chow chow, is there really a vacuum out there that won’t wrap it and clog the barrel? I’d like to think so! The anti hair wrap technology stops hair from wrapping around the brush and plugging the suction. I think this might be one of the most exciting features for me!

If that wasn’t enough, it has better performance and suction power than its predecessor with a smart Turbo Boost button which once activated can be used for up to 8 minutes of extra powerful suction. 

Whilst cordless hoovers do have to be charged, this model boasts faster charging time AND improved cordless function. Whilst it can run for a maximum of 40 minutes once fully charged. 

It sounds like an incredible vacuum, but it’s time to put it to the test. Does it really stop hair from getting caught? 

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

Papi was not sure about the new model around the house. Do you think we can convert him?

Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist Performance 

Previously I have had vacuums that claimed they had anti hair wrap technology, but when it came down to it I would still have to periodically cut my hairs from the barrel. So, for me, this was the main feature I wanted to trial and see how it performed.

Did It stand up against my hair and my dog’s hair? Not only was the suction power incredible with the turbo boost functionality when needed, it was able to handle all of the hairs efficiently, not plugging the system and not needing to be cut out after use. Very impressed.

Not only was this part of the hoover brilliant for my needs, the handheld hoover part comes into its own when picking hair up in between big vacuums, AND the dusting furniture tool that attaches was brilliant for picking up hard to catch areas on the rug and sofa. I can easily go around with this handheld hoover which is incredibly lightweight and get it done in half the time if I was to get my old vacuum out, plug it in and carry it around with me.

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

Another feature which I love on the HF 500 is the new anti-twist floor head. The hoover nozzle can swivel from side to side 180 degrees, so you can steer around the harder to reach areas with ease. The head can also be reclined back 90 degrees so you can easily slot underneath that sofa that would otherwise normally never get touched. 

As far as the suction power goes for a cordless vacuum, it’s the best I have ever experienced. I have had some cordless vacuums that lose their suction incredibly quickly after their first charge, and you get continual unparalleled suction power from this one, offering powerful performance equal to a corded vacuum. 

Hoover H-Free 500 Plus Anti-twist

The Verdict

The Hoover HF500 Anti-twist exceeded all of my expectations when it came to testing it out. This hoover boasts so many incredible features, but the proof is definitely in the pudding. It ticks all of the boxes that I need when cleaning; seamlessly picks up dog hair (and mine), it’s compact and lightweight, great suction power, easy to reach those harder to reach areas, and it’s highly versatile. I can go from handheld to standard hoover to high reach in less than 10 seconds.

I would highly recommend this vacuum for anyone looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pets, hair and everyday use. It’s been tried and tested in my household and I couldn’t imagine not having it now!

View the HF500 Pets Anti Twist at HooverDirect.co.uk, RRP £299.00, but you can currently get 20% off with code sleek20 at the checkout!

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