What Colour Curtains Go With Grey Carpet?

Grey washing interiors has been one of the most popular Instagram, interior home movements over the last few years.

This colour is favoured by many home owners due to the neutral nature of the shade which means it does go with a wide variety of other colours. When it comes to refreshing, or adding carpet to flooring, grey carpet has been one of most popular carpet colour choices.

Yes, grey is a neutral colour, but choosing it as a carpet colour means that you will always be ruled by the grey, and what can actually go with it.

In my opinion, beige is a better colour choice for a carpet as it’s so highly versatile and you can take your interiors in any direction with it.

If you have picked grey carpet for your new home then you may be getting to that furnishing stage and wondering what colour curtains go with grey carpet. Let’s take a look at some of the best colour curtains to match with your grey carpet.

How Can I Make Grey Carpet Look Good?

Grey carpet will forever rule you with what colours you can pair it successfully with. However, there are a range of neutral, and bright colours that work incredibly will with grey carpet. These should be worked into your interior decor scheme through furnishings, curtains and other textiles.

Remember to use other colours sparingly, and only introduce two other colours at most to avoid clashing.

What Colour Curtains Go With Grey Carpet?

White Curtains

If you want to keep things neutral in your interiors, white curtains are a great pairing for grey carpet. This look is perfect for minimal and modern style interiors.

To keep things feeling light and airy, opt for a set of white linen curtains that will deliver a beautiful, open aesthetic.

I love a set of linen curtains, they won’t completely block out light, but they’re great for privacy and allowing light to still flow into the room throughout the day.

Linen curtains with blackout lining offer an elegant and effective solution for those who want to control light in their spaces.

White is not a forgiving colour, so it’s probably not the best choice for family households or those with high traffic.

Grey Curtains

Layering another shade of grey onto your curtains is a great way to add depth and interest to the space. Never overlap with the same shade of grey as it will make the room feel washed out, and flat.

You’ll want to opt for a shade a few shades lighter or darker to create that depth and uniformity in the room.

Sticking with grey on two integral parts of a room means you should try and bring some colour in through your furnishings and textiles to avoid the room looking bare, unless the minimal look is what you’re trying to achieve. Bold pops of colour like pink, teal, red and mustard tie together perfectly.

Black Curtains

You don’t need to have a gothic interior to relish in the beauty of black curtains. Black curtains add a defining statement to any room, and contrast well with a grey carpet.

Black curtains should ideally hang to the floor to help elongate the room. This colour of curtains are well suited to most modern style home decor schemes, tie the room together with other black accents for interior harmony.

Mustard Curtains

Perhaps, even a more daring step than black? But boy, mustard can be a match made in heaven with grey!

Mustard curtains really help to warm the grey up, adding a beautiful bit of colour and interest to the space. Linen curtains like shown below add an airy and light feel to a room, without the colour being overbearing in the space.

Teal Curtains

Teal is a wonderful pairing for grey, especially with lighter shades of grey. It creates a serene and calm setting that lends itself to any room in the house.

Remember to always opt for long curtains. Short curtains are a crime against interiors and they completely stop the flow of a room.

This colour pairing is well suited to minimal, farmhouse and modern style decor schemes.

Blush Pink Curtains

The blush pink, copper and grey days are not just a distant memory. Blush pink works beautifully with a grey carpet and helps to add some subtle colour and warmth to the space.

This cool colour combination can be used sparingly throughout the rest of the decor scheme too with textiles, cushions and decor accessories.

Red Curtains

I know what you’re thinking, but seriously, red is a fabulous contrasting colour to grey carpet. It creates a highly dramatic colour scheme that is energetic, striking and warm.

This passionate colour combination could be used in maximalism design and even modern.

It’s a slightly more daring combination than some of the others, so it’s worth taking a look at a few fabric swatches in the room to see how it works with the light throughout the day.

Grey carpets can be notoriously difficult to style, but there are many beautiful colour combinations that work really well with grey.

The key thing is to make sure that whatever colour of curtain you go for, that the colour is mirrored throughout the rest of your rooms in some way to form interior cohesion.

Creating the right flow in an interior is a lot to do with the colours, as long as you use similar undertones throughout the rooms, you’ll create an energetic and healthy flow.

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