The Best Colour Walls For Black Furniture

what colour walls go with black furniture

I’m not afraid to say that I used to think black was a colour for dark, gothic styled interiors. I NEVER used it in my interiors.

It’s only been since my colour palette has, say, ‘matured’ and that we have undertaken a renovation and styled everything that I realise how much I adore black furniture, and that it’s such a grounding accent colour for home.

There is a definitely a misconception that black is dull, dreary and depressive. In fact, it can be quite the opposite and actually make a room feel brighter, and create a better flow than if you didn’t have it.

I’m not knocking minimalist style, but bright white throughout an entire home is as drab as it gets, it’s lifeless and lacks any kind of definition to the space.

If you love a bit of modern interior style and are featuring black furniture throughout, yet you’re still at the decorating side of things, this blog is all about what colour walls go with black furniture.

What Colour Walls Go With Black Furniture?

White Walls

Black accents are one of the grounding accents of modern interior design. White, no nonsense walls are the perfect colour palette for this home decor scheme.

Black furniture adds that defining accent to a room that just makes it look incredible. You can then incorporate other accents into the room. For modern, farmhouse style design I would always go down the earthy neutrals route, such as olive greens, natural furnitures, rattan and grey.

Grey Walls

Another modern approach is to add a neutral tone such as grey to your walls, the stark contrast of the black still creates a bold statement. It’s also well suited to more traditional style properties. You might be thinking, but what type of grey?

It’s generally best to stick with a lighter grey to avoid the room feeling dark, and a lighter hue will also help draw attention to the colour of the furniture.

Black Walls

I have not found anyone better than littleedwardian who demonstrates how black walls and black furniture can still be bright, incredibly endearing and beautiful.

I would have never painted my walls black, but done the right way and it looks sophisticated and luxurious. The key here is to ensure that the decor accessories and main defining focal points of the room are lighter or warmer colours. As styled perfectly with the rug, additional furniture and the marble fireplace. Who knew a black on black room could feel so light and airy?

Sage Green Walls

In a modern or farmhouse style interior, sage green is a wonderful backdrop for black furniture. Sage green brings warmth whilst the black furniture provides gorgeous definition against it.

You can use black furniture sparingly too. We opted for a sage green panelled feature wall in our bedroom and just added black bedside tables into the mix. It contrasts so well with the sage green and the other neutral accessories we brought into the room.

Red Walls

If you’re wanting to creating a maximalist, or room inspired by romanticism, red walls are a striking contrast for black furniture.

You can get much more muted shades of red that aren’t so ‘blood red’. It can be a difficult colour combination to pull off, you may want to go all in, but you can always test with a feature wall to start with to see if it gives you the desired aesthetic that you’re looking for.

Blue Walls

A lot of people will say never mix the likes of navy blue and black, and I kinda agree. But if you’re creating a nautical, farmhouse coastal style then this pairing could work incredibly well.

A navy blue or pastel blue, or even blue striped wall looks incredible with the addition of black furniture for a look that really pops. I’d complete this coastal look by bringing in nautical decor accessories, jute and rattan decor pieces.

Cream Walls

Other neutrals such as cream, and brown are great alternatives to white that suit black furniture perfectly. Whether it’s a farmhouse, modern or contemporary interior, a cream wall lets the furniture, and the rest of your decor accessories take centre stage.

Mustard Walls

I do love a colour combination of mustard and black. This brings such a playful and cheerful addition to a room, I just love it.

Mustard walls lift and brighten a space, whilst black accents and furniture ground and define areas in the room. You don’t even need to go all out, a few thoughtful additions such as a black floor lamp is enough to appreciate this pairing.

Is Black Furniture Still In Style?

Black furniture is a timeless, and classic addition to a home. Whilst it does flit in and out of trends, black accent pieces of furniture are a defining characteristic in modern, Scandic and contemporary home decor styles.

Black accents are hugely important in interior schemes because they provide a grounding, defining accent to the room.

Does Black Furniture Make A Room Look Smaller?

If you crowd your room with black furniture then yes, it’s going to make your room look smaller. But if you place thoughtful, black accent pieces in a space, then it will actually define your room, and make the room feel bigger. Black furniture can still work in both small, and large spaces when used effectively.

How Do You Brighten Up A Room With Dark Furniture?

The key to brightening a room with dark furniture is to bring in brighter accent colours, and lighter focal features in a room to lift the colour. Modern design is a perfect example of this, dark furniture grounds the space, whilst the neutral mix of colours on the walls and decor accessories make the room appear lighter, and airier.

In Summary

I am a personal, huge lover of black furniture. I love how defining and grounding accent pieces can be, and whilst it won’t suit every decor style, it can be worked into both small and large spaces for a design led interior.

Unlike other colours, black can be hugely versatile and does go with a wide range of colours. Happy painting!

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