5 Ways To Create A Stand Out Window Display

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A shop window display is where first impressions mean everything. You only have around 1-3 seconds to engage and entice that customer to step through your door and into your shop.

According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24% of the time. So, it’s a pretty big deal in getting window display design right.

A window display should reflect the seasons, latest product launches, popular products and any promotions you are running.

It’s usually a good idea to get in the help of a visual merchandiser who will know about perfect placement, and how to create an engaging and enticing window display, that sells. In this article, we explore 5 ways that you can create a stand out window display that converts.

5 Ways To Create A Stand Out Window Display

1.Seasonal Window Displays

Keeping a window display current, relevant and fresh is key to keeping returning customers coming back to see that you have a fresh offering, as well as attracting new customers to step inside your shop.

We’re talking spring, autumn, winter (Christmas) and summer window display ideas. Use the season as the pivotal theme, and colouring and work in your most relevant products to the display for an effective, on brand display.

Christmas window display

2. Temporary POP Displays

Pop display design is one of the most important aspects of creating a stand out window display, but so is making it a temporary one. POP displays can be costly, and you want to be able to navigate doing so in the most cost effective way, which also allows you to update and freshen up without the fear of lost costs.

In this instance, it’s probably best at looking at seasonal POP displays that can be regularly rotated and used over the years to come.

pop window display

3. Interactive Window Display

What’s better than an attractive window display? An interactive window display that stops you in your tracks, engages and delights you. The best window display I have ever seen was a pet shop that brought in a chow chow dressed up in a Santa outfit over the festive period, see Mishkachow on Instagram for the setup.

I get it. We can’t all have dogs to entice our customers in, but there are other ways you can create an interactive window display such as digital screens, moving video and playful uses of lighting.

4. Add A Touchscreen

A touchscreen is one of the more readily available and affordable ways to add an interactive element to a window display, that works! You can use a touchscreen to engage AND sell. Quickly grow your mailing list by getting shoppers to insert their email to be entered into a prize draw, or get 10% off their first purchase.

There are so many great opportunities to leverage the use of a touchscreen, whilst maximising your marketing efforts, and hopefully bottom line.

5. Storytelling

People buy and invest into stories, and this could be what your window display is missing to take it to the next level. More than ever, younger generations don’t just want to impulsively buy a product, they want to know where its come from, how it was made and who has made it.

If you sell organic baby clothing, tell the story behind where the start of the organic cotton begins, from seed, to thread. Storytelling helps to position your brand and deepens the connection that customers have with you, leading to returning, loyal customers.

Creating a stand out window display will edge you one step forward to your competitors, create trust and loyalty with your customers and deepen that connection your brand has with the public.

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