What Colours Go With Mink?

Mink is a beautifully versatile neutral that provides a gorgeous addition to any interior, but the common conundrum you’re met with is, but what colours go with mink?

Mink ranges in colour and is described as ranging from a soft tawny to a deep brown. Mink as such is set to be one of the most popular colours throughout interiors in 2022 as we continue to lean towards using earthy neutrals for that natural influence in our homes. If you’re looking to incorporate this earthy neutral into your home this season, let’s take a look at what colours go with mink.

What Colours Go with Mink?

Mink & White

White provides a perfect black canvas for any colour, and it’s a great pairing with mink. Use white as the main foundational colour and introduce mink through furniture, decorative accessories, blinds and curtains so it acts like an accent colour. You might want to keep things minimal, but if you’re looking to create an earthy, natural feel in your interiors you might want to introduce a third complementary colour such as earthy green or cream.

what colours go with mink
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Mink & Earthy Green

Where mink is at the softer end of the spectrum as a tawny brown, it works perfectly with other earthy neutrals on the colour spectrum. A soft, earthy cream will help to enrich the colour mink whilst the pairing create gorgeous warmth, and natural influence in a home. From an interiors point of view, you would still want a main grounding colour such as cream or white with both mink and green as accent colours.

Greenery as a whole perfectly complements mink, so think about introducing plants whether fake or real into your decor scheme for that natural influence.

what colours go with mink

Mink & Cream

Cream is a great neutral grounding colour in an interior that highly complements other neutrals. Cream pushes mink to the forefront when it’s used as an accent colour, drawing out the warmth and depth of the colour. Introduce mink into the space through furnishings, textures such as throws and cushions and decorative accessories.

Mink & Pink

They both rhyme, so naturally, it was always going to be a sensational colour pairing. We’re not talking fuchsia pink, but pale, pastel pink is a subtle colour match for mink. Use pink sparingly or as a feature wall as it will easily overpower mink. Think pastel pink textures such as throws, cushions and curtains to introduce this colour into the space.

Mink & Gold

Instead of colours, think about what interior hardware and metal you want to run throughout the space. The likes of gold, brushed brass and aged brass metals would all highly complement mink as it provides such an exquisite contrast. Metals could be brought in through interior hardware such as sockets and switches, cabinetry handles, plant pots and other decorative accessories. Try and only use one metal finish to avoid clashing.

what colours go with mink
Image: Furniture And Choice

Mink is the less loved and discovered colour in the interior world, but it’s one that we are set to see more throughout homes, and indeed fashion. This earthy neutral is a wonderful grounding colour and allows us to bring some natural influences into our homes.

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