How To Find Clients For Your Small Business 

A business cannot exist without a customer. No matter how great your product is, attracting customers takes a lot of effort. This task is especially difficult at the start when no one knows about you yet.

how to find clients for your small business

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. We have prepared tips for you on how to find clients for your small business. Use these tips.

Start by researching your target audience

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for customers is the launch of advertising. Especially since today, there are many channels for business promotion:

  • specialized platforms;
  • sites and pages in social networks;
  • media in an online format;
  • influencers;
  • online events.

But don’t rush to run ads until you’ve studied your target audience properly. Who are your potential customers?

How to study the client: tips for business

  • Analyze competitors’ sites and social networks with effective tools like SEMRush or others.
  • Communicate with potential customers on thematic forums.
  • Conduct a survey of potential customers using a special form.
  • If your business is already running, study your analytics closely.
  • Research the new product in focus groups.

Process the received data and register a customer description. Ideally, there should be several such documents: a separate customer description for each segment of your target audience.

Describe a marketing strategy for business promotion

If you have done detailed research, then proceed to create a marketing strategy. One-time promotions without a well-thought-out action plan will not give the expected result. The most common reason for unnecessary advertising costs is the lack of marketing strategy.

Involve your team in developing a marketing strategy. First, they have ideas on how to boost sales. Second, the best method of finding ideas is team brainstorming. Learn to hear your employees. They are your top team, aren’t they?

how to find clients for your small business

Write everything in a separate document to which you can share access to new team members. This document must contain:

list of marketing strategy measures;

  • deadlines for each event;
  • contact details of responsible employees;
  • planned cost budget;
  • expected results.

You need to review your marketing strategy from time to time and make changes.

Use the site to attract new customers

A business website is not just a place for sales. The right approach to updating the site helps to find new customers. Consider some important points in the site.

Create a user-friendly site

It is very important to look at the site from the user’s view. Here are some tips on UX design business sites.

  • Users do not like excessive creativity. People like what they are used to. In order not to lose potential customers, create a site with a normal structure. Take proven layouts as a basis.
  • Do not overload separate pages of the site. The main rule is one page for one purpose. If there is too much information, the user just walks away.

After making it, use the the Hotjar tool to find out how users feel on your website and what needs to be improved.

Create high-quality content for your business website

Working on high-quality content takes time and effort, but it always pays off. Follow these rules:

  • it is better to take a photo for the site, rather than using free photo stocks;
  • work on texts that your customers will read;
  • use SEO tools in creating content for the site;
  • track analytics to know users’ reactions to content and make timely changes.

Grow a business blog site

The customer goes a certain way before making a purchase decision. A business blog should provide answers to potential customer information requests. After all, it is with such queries that people begin their search. They are looking for a way to solve their problems. Respond to this query with your product. A business blog can help you do that.

What should a blog be like for a business site?

  1. Targeted at the request of the client. Collect such queries using SEO tools.
  2. Easy and interesting for the reader. Write in simple phrases, structure the text, add infographics and original photos.
  3. Such that attracts attention at first sight. Video content works great for a business blog. Don’t ignore using a video editing tool like, say, Movavi Video Editor Plus that will help you make video content trendy and catchy , so it can reach the wider possible audience.

Don’t forget about site analytics

Marketing strategy is, to some extent, based on assumptions. If your business is taking the first steps, this is unavoidable. But once some time has passed, you can test these assumptions with specific metrics. This is an effective way to track customer behavior to make the necessary changes to your marketing strategy and site content. These improvements help you find new customers for your business.

how to find clients for your small business

Develop social networks for business

While you’re thinking about how to find clients for your business, people are flipping through a feed of new ones on their favorite social network. Do not miss your chance to attract the attention of potential customers.

  • Choose social networks where your target audience spends time. Remember the description of the buyer you prescribed.
  • Prescribe a content plan to promote the business following the marketing strategy.
  • Create content that sets you apart from the competition. Today, video content is the king. Just get a powerful video editor like Vimeo or WeVideo and go making awesome content!

The main goal of business on social networks is to attract and retain the attention of a person who is flipping through a news feed. Make this person interested in your video so that they go to your site. Here is the whole secret of finding new customers on social networks.


Finding new customers requires some knowledge of digital marketing principles, content creation skills, and the ability to read analytics. With all this in mind, turn on intuition and creativity. Good luck to you in the fight for customer attention.

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