20 Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

pendant lights for kitchen island

I love a kitchen island for so many reasons, they add practicality and function to a kitchen whilst it opens up up the area, creating a light social and airy space. Yet, without the right lighting it will stop the room from flowing properly, and will make the kitchen seem dark and cramped, the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. Glass pendant lights for a kitchen island are a perfect choice because they help to reflect, retract and disperse light, whilst glass lighting can suit Scandi interiors to period homes.

Due to the height from the kitchen island to a ceiling, pendant lights give you that opportunity for a long drop so they become part of the decor, rather than just from a functional point of view. You’ll still need to layer light in your kitchen as pendant lights won’t be enough over a kitchen island. It’s a good idea to compliment with downlights which will provide adequate levels of task lighting for food preparation.

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing glass pendants for a kitchen island is how many you will need. The rule of odds is mentioned a lot when it comes to lighting a kitchen island, or dining table, as even numbers such as one or 2 become the subject, whereas a row of 3 creates the perfect balance of space and symmetry between each light. Whilst it bumps the cost up, 3 really is the magic number when it comes to lighting a kitchen island, and your interiors will thank you for it! Here are a selection of glass pendant lights for a kitchen island that I have sourced covering all price ranges.

Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

1. Henley Cylinde Fluted Glass Ribbed Pendant Light – £84 I am all for the ribbed glass at the moment, from glassware to lighting, and this narrow number is perfectly formed for adding as a row of three above a kitchen island.

2.Logan Glass Easy Fit Pendant – £20 There are a number of different glass versions like this online and this is by far the cheapest I have seen. ONLY £20! You really can’t go wrong if you are not overly concerned about the quality of the glass.

3. Marlowe Clear Glass Pendant Light – £69 The undulating shape of this glass pendant is gorgeous. I could imagine this in any interior decor, but it would look fab in a shaker style, country kitchen.

4. Duga Triple Pendant – £395 Slightly on the pricer side, however, it already features three pendants on the one light fixture so it’s quite reasonable if you are looking at buying 3 of any of the other pendants.

5. Dorma Nickson Pendant Light – sale £24.50 This simplistic shade is perfect for hanging above a kitchen island. Team with exposed vintage LED bulbs for an industrial, vintage edge.

6. D’Arblay Lacquered Brass Scalloped Prismatic Glass Dome Pendant Light – £197.35 These lights are centred on the historical Holophane lights from the 1900s, the perfectly delicate and petite light actually looks great as a pair too over a kitchen island.

7. Austen Frosted Glass Pendant Light – £97.49 To fill a larger kitchen the Austen will add the necessary presence and light that you need. It’s also hand blown and made from prismatic glass which is super pretty when illuminating the space.

8. Smaller Demojohn Pendant – £90 This glass pendant has a slight pink tinge to it, great for colour matching to any kitchen.

9. Rose Textures Glass Oval Pendant Ceiling Light – £89 OK, I had to throw a pink glass shade in somewhere, right? This oval pendant is really pretty, but to fit in a row of three you’d need to have a relatively big kitchen island for it to be in proportion.

10. Ari Vintage Pendant Ceiling Light in Brass & Ribbed Glass – £135 Combining everything I currently love, ribbed glass and a brass ceiling rose and edge. Remember to match it to your existing interior hardware such as sockets & switches and taps. If you have chrome in your existing kitchen it’s best to avoid using other metals that clash.

Glass Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

11. Glasshouse Polished Brass Clear Pendant Light – £589.75 I had to throw this one in here. This spectacular pendant light would look incredible in a large period house. A row of three over a grand kitchen island? It’s topped with a solid brass cap and chain too.

12. Lenny 3 Light Glass Diner Ceiling Fitting – £89 I’ve seen this over a few peoples dining tables, but how nice would it look over a kitchen island? Dunelm have got some really great lighting pieces in this season, and they’re affordable.

13. Warwick Pendant Ceiling Light – £75 I’ve got my eye on some lantern style pendants, they’re so versatile as they suit both Scandi, modern and even farmhouse style interiors.

14. One Light Glass Pendant – £118.88 If you’re low on space, you can still maximise the light with this pendant as it still features the magic three.

15. Reeded Glass Pendant Light – £142 + If you liked the pink oval light further back, you’ll love this one!

16. Larkin Clear Glass Pendant Light – £62 For a smaller space, the petite Larkin is just as special. This sweet pendant light would look fab as a row of three.

17. Wilko Large Glass Pewter Industrial Pendant Light Shade – £45 You can’t go wrong with a dome shaped pendant, very versatile and perfect for a kitchen.

18. Hurricane 3 Light Pendant Antique Brass Ceiling Fitting – £65 Another lantern style light that I came across and adore! This would be great for a more period styled property.

19. Wallace 3 Way Bar With Clear Shades – £105 I love the glass shades on this light and even more perfect is the price.

20. Bell Shapes Glass Pendant – £14 Can we just talk about the price? This light is currently in the outlet on Iconic Lights and its got such an attractive shape, and price that suddenly a row of three over a kitchen island just got accessible.

There are so many gorgeous glass pendant lights for kitchen islands as they are a hugely versatile light that can work with most interiors. Which glass pendant is your favourite?

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