Christmas Gift Ideas For Him Under £30

Christmas gift ideas for him

I honestly think there is nothing more difficult than shopping for a Dad. There is only so many times I can gift the same bottles of wine, socks and chocolate on rotate, right? Plus, when you ask them what they do want, it’s always answered with ‘nothing’. Great.

I find that aimlessly scrolling and starting with a blank google search is like shouting out into the ether. There is plenty of reasons why I love Christmas shopping on Etsy, but this is definitely one of them. It’s pretty much the search engine you need for oodles of Christmas gifting ideas. 

If you too face that annual gifting conundrum when it comes to your dad or any other man in your life, I’ve gathered a whole host of Christmas gift ideas for him under £30, let’s go!

Personalised Gifts For Him

There’s just something that a little bit of personalisation does that makes a gift so much more thoughtful. Personalised gifts for him can take a blank gift into something super special and can really be cherished for years to come.

If you want something specific personalised you bet that you’re going to find that item on Etsy from one of the many amazing small businesses. I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites below that are all under £30. I LOVE the mini LED desk lamp, how cute would that look in a home office? Plus, every man has ‘random crap’ that needs to be careful stored!

christmas gift ideas for him

1. Personalised Gaming Treats Bowl – £14.40 +

2.Personalised Random Crap Storage – £14.99

3. Personalised Chopping Board – £14.80

4. Personalised Mini LED Desk Lamp – £19.95

5. Personalised Head Chef Apron – £19.99 +

6. Personalised Gaming Snack Jar – £3.00 +

Grooming Gifts For Him

The man in your life likes to smell and look nice, but sometimes they need a little helping hand 😉 I think everyone loves a little pamper and there are some really unique, gorgeous grooming gifts for him and gift sets for men on Etsy.

christmas gift ideas for him

1.Elite Men’s Natural Gift Set – £15 +

2. Men’s Safety Razor – £11.99

3. Engraved Laser Cut Comb – £5.99

4. Men’s 12 Piece Gift Set – £17.99

5. Sleep Well Gift Box – £9.95

6. Men’s All Natural Shaving Set – £22.90

Gifts For Him Under £20

It doesn’t need to break the bank to treat a loved one and often it’s the thought that means the most. On Etsy you can easily filter by price so you can work within your budget. There are plenty of personalised gifts in this price bracket too, you can get him something really lovely that’s affordable too! Here are some gorgeous gifts for him under £20.

The chocolate sprouts make such a quirky stocking filler extra and how gorgeous are those silk masks? I personally prefer silk masks as they’re much easier to breathe in and these look so luxe, and cheap! I had to creep some socks in here too which are a stereotypical dad gift, but they’re ultra adorable!

christmas gift ideas for him

1.Calm Down Candle – £2.50 +

2. Chocolate Sprouts – £9.99

3. Smiley Face Socks – £7.06

4. Silk Mask – £1.12 +

5. Personalised Dice Decider – £15

6. Men’s Personalised Wash Bag – £14.99

For plenty more Christmas gifting inspiration take a look at Etsy’s Holiday Shop, the ultimate hub for all things gifting, for whoever you are gifting for.

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