Biophilic Office Design

biophillic office design

It was only last year that I got to create my own home office (OK, corner of my room). But as time has moved forward and more of us are working from home permanently, many of us are choosing to create new spaces for our home office, as well as refresh what we already have to make it a nicer, more calming and productive working area.

Biophilic office design is one of the fastest growing interior trends for an office and is set to be even bigger in 2022. Why? There are so many benefits that this decor design can bring to an office, besides it looking visually attractive. According to to mental health charity, Mind, bringing nature into everyday life is one sure way to boost both your physical and mental health. A biophilic office can help you to be more active, improving your mood and making you feel more calm and relaxed overall.

What Is Biophillic Interior Design?

Philia means a love of something, with Biophilic meaning a love or an interest in living things and nature. Biophillic interior design creates a harmonious and calming focus to a space, bringing as much natural elements and greenery into the interior. Whilst the incorporation of natural elements into a space is designed to help wellbeing, health and productivity. It’s not just about pretty greenery, it’s just as much about bringing natural light into the space too.

Biophilic Office Design Ideas

OK, so we definitely don’t all have multi million pound budgets like new build office blocks do, but you can just as easily create a biophilic office in the comfort of your own home. Breathing life into the room, whilst helping to lift your mood and increase productivity!

Living Wall

Adding a living wall to an office is one of the easiest ways if you don’t have a lot of space to play around with. You can buy these pre-made or you can have fun at constructing your own. You could even create one on a mini scale using a living wall planter or pegboard and attaching hanging, trailing plants to the construction.

biophilic living wall
Image source: Pinterest

Desk Plants

The simplest, and pocket friendly way to start breathing some life into a home office is with a low maintenance desk plant. If you work in a big office you could encourage everyone to bring in their own desk plant. How the room and space feels will make such a big difference. Make sure they’re real and not faux plants from Ikea though!

biophilic office design ideas

Glass Domed Greenhouses

Of course, it’s no expense spared at Amazon and creating a biophilic, calming atmosphere in their offices is their main focus. Their Seattle office has actual bubble greenhouses which house over 40,000 plants from across the world! The structure functions like an indoor botantical garden but can hold up to 800 Amazon employees and its use it encouraged for gatherings and meetings. IF only we could all replicate this in our own homes, huh?

biophilic office design ideas
Image source: PC Mag

A Fresh Bunch of Flowers

A bunch a day/week really does keep the doctor away. Some flowers have even been proven to lower stress and anxiety levels including Jasmine and Lavender. Flowers really do have the ability to lift our mood, put a spring in our step, whilst improving air quality too. A bunch on a desk or windowsill can help you get that step closer to a biophilic office design.

biophilic office design ideas

Natural Furniture

Whilst biophilic office design is mostly driven by living elements, another way you can breathe that ethos throughout is by opting for natural pieces of furniture. Choose wooden furniture and even oak shiplap which could be used to hang trailing plants from. By combining this with living elements it removes that static air that offices have, breathing life into the office and helping us to be at one with nature. Helping to reduce anxiety and increase those levels of productivity.

biophilic office design ideas

For plenty more inspiration, here are some of the worlds most well known brands that have created a biophilic office for their employees, jealous much?

biophilic office design ideas
Adobe in Bangalore
biophilic office design ideas
CSG International, Bangalore
biophilic office design ideas
Apple, California

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