7 Ways You Can Renovate Your Interiors On A Budget

renovate your interiors on a budget

Renovating your home and interiors is one of the best ways to start adding value to your home. If you’re looking to flip a property or make more of a profit before selling on then you’re going to want to do so as cheaply as possible, but without cutting corners. Alternatively, you might have found your forever home and just want to make some small, affordable changes along the way to get the desired look for less.

The good news is that there really are plenty of ways to transform your home on a budget without a huge amount of DIY or money. Here are 7 ways to easily renovate your interiors on a budget.

1.A Fresh Lick of Paint

Sometimes it really is as simple as a fresh lick of paint to lift your interiors. Make sure you prep the base beneath before painting as there is nothing worse than working from an uneven, bubbled or flaky surface! 

White is generally the most common, neutral colour in homes but try to opt for one with a warmer undertone which will brighten the room in turn. Remember, that the colour on your walls will only reflect what’s around it, so bright white walls in a room with no natural light will not make it look brighter.

2. Add Panelling

Nothing in my opinion transforms a blank, plain wall than a little bit of panelling. It is one of the most cost effective ways to lift those walls. There are many different ways you can panel, with some options looking slightly more luxe than others. If you want to create a sophisticated, luxe living room then adding square panels with a rectangular panel beneath it like the below image will help you to achieve that desired look in no time. This is just one of many ideas for making your home look expensive. As they say, fake it until you make it!

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bedroom panelling ideas
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3. Update Sockets & Switches

The devil is in the detail, and for something that is appraised and touched everyday, people really do notice your sockets and switches. The norm is still very much sockets with screws which is unsightly and an eyesore. Whilst they are more expensive, screwless sockets and switches look flawless and become a design feature rather than a design flaw. When choosing the finish try to match it with a common metal that runs throughout your home. Brushed Brass is one of my personal favourite finishes which is a mature version of standard ‘gold’. 

This isn’t the cheapest update you can make to your home, but it is one that will be notable, and add value to your property if you finish with them throughout. 

screwless sockets and switches

4. Change Interior Hardware

Just like sockets and switches, interior hardware are the features you come into contact with on a daily basis, and one of the cheapest updates you can make. Throughout your kitchen, cabinets and door handles swap the existing fittings out for interior hardware details that match throughout. You’ll most likely have ones that currently don’t match, keeping the colour or metal consistent throughout helps to achieve interior harmony which will help your rooms to flow beautifully.

5. Skirting Boards

Nothing can make a property feel tired like old skirting boards. Over the years they can become tattered, knocked and it’s likely that the design of them has aged too. Skirting boards are available in a whole range of thicknesses and designs for different eras. I find that a higher skirting board either in a Georgian or Victorian style adds a different level to a property. The height of the skirting board helps to give the illusion of higher ceilings whilst a Georgian design is typically quite intricate, the detailing is elegant and gives that luxe factor. This isn’t a quick job, but is more inexpensive than changing all of your sockets and switches. Do it room by room if you’re not in a rush.

6. Refresh Kitchen Surfaces

A complete kitchen renovation brings a huge cost into the equation and is one that is just not economic if you’re looking to make small changes that are affordable. One of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen is by resurfacing the surfaces with a self adhesive vinyl. I have seen this done so many times on Instagram, with a self adhesive marble film being one of the most popular. You can get 2m from B&Q for less than £10! Precision and cutting is key to making this look effective so do take your time and measurements before cutting. When fitting it, smooth it out slowly and carefully to ensure no bubbles are left underneath.

The result is something that doesn’t look short of a brand new kitchen, it’s incredibly affordable and so easy to do. 

7. Add A Ceiling Rose

It’s no lie that I LOVE a ceiling rose, and cornices for that fact. Ceiling roses are best suited to period style properties, but they can add character to a new build property too. There are many replica ceiling roses on the market that won’t set you back a lot. Team with a stunning pendant light to add a completely new dimension to the room. If you have an existing ceiling rose that is an original, getting it maintained by a specialist will be money well spent. Over the years many people have removed original ceiling roses and being able to retain an original will not only add value to your property, but this can be a deciding factor for people when purchasing a period property.

Refreshing your interiors on a budget is absolutely doable. I think that it’s not what you have, it’s what you can do with it. There are so many affordable ways to renovate your home without breaking the bank. If you are renovating to flip a property then factoring costs in like this is one of the best ways to ensure you sell up with a profit that’s worth it in relation to the time, and money that was spent on it. Do you have any other top tips for renovating on a budget?

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