13 Things That Happen When You Get A Puppy

chow chow puppy

World, meet Papillon. Can we just? *insert love heart emoji*. Our handsome little chow chow puppy pitter pattered into our life last week and I still can’t believe I finally have a dog after wanting one for so many years. We decided on a chow chow definitively at the start of the year and took our time finding the right breeder and chow puppy for us. The wait was so worth it.

Papi is a rough red coated chow puppy who is pretty much 100% floof, loves to sploof (arms and legs back like a seal) and eats his own poo, I mean seriously. There are so many things that have taken me by surprise over the first week of having him that I just had to put together a listicle of the things that only happen when you get a puppy…

1.The thought of picking up poo is a distant memory, you’re now picking it up and not even thinking of washing your hands immediately after. That’s growth.

2.You’ve lost count of the times they’re accidentally weed and you’ve walked it all through the house without realising. Nice.

3. Your main topic of conversation for the evening is whether they’ve pooed today and what the consistency of it was. Solid poo? Such a good boy.

4. Not even 24 hours has passed and you need to upgrade your phone storage as you’ve become the walking puparazzi. 100 + photos of the same sleeping position? ADORABLE.

5. His paws are adorable, his head is adorable, his ears are adorable. You often just sit and watch him thinking ‘is he really mine? I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU’.

6. Before picking up your puppy you think training will be a breeze, then it sets in after 24 hours that it is literally not just giving candy to a baby. The magic ingredient is time.

7. Oh to be a puppy, they sleep, eat, poo, and repeat. You’re exhausted when they’re playing, yet when they’re asleep you just want them to wake up.

8. SO SOFT. You can’t resist that uberly soft and scrumptious puppy coat.

9. That new outfit you’ve bought, don’t even bother. Those sharp little teeth could cut through the core of the earth.

10. That sick moment of realisation when you realise they have just eaten their own poo. HELP ME. Forget webMD, it’s puppy MD *searches why do puppies eat dog poo?*.

11. You’ll never go to the toilet alone again, walk to the kitchen or tidy up – they are your shadow.

12. Yes, they really do sleep for about 20 hours a day. It’s a hard life being a dog. Jealous much?

13. Those little pads on his paws are too much, his paws look like monster munch and the pads feel like soft jelly beans. Obsessed.

chow chow puppy

As a dog parent, can you relate to any of these? I’m sure there will be many humorous times to come with this handsome chunk Monsieur Papillon who we love so much. He is destroying our interiors, but he’s so worth it <3

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