11 Things You Can Do Before New Year

things to do before new year

Whilst I think that goal setting and getting your life in order shouldn’t be something that we do in a one month window as the new year resets, I just really am a sucker for new years resolutions and getting ready for a completely fresh start as the 1st hits. There is just something so calming and exciting about the start of 365 new chapters.

But it’s not just about getting those goals down on paper and a full post Christmas clean of the house, I call it lifekeeping – all those little nooks and crannies you don’t ever really see but as a collective they make such a difference to your mindset and your environment.

These are 11 things that won’t take a lot of time out of your day, but they are great cleansers and will help you to tie up the year and to start the new year in a fresh, relaxed and go getter way!

1. Financial Cut Backs

It can be easy to lose sight of finances during the year and I almost guarantee you have at least one subscription going out of your account every month that you don’t eve know about. I LOVE to do this and see where I can make cut backs on a monthly basis. Download one of your latest statements and highlight everything that goes out on a monthly basis. You can then get a picture of the outgoings which are far from ‘essential’, or those subscriptions you’ve forgot to cancel. Come back and let me know how much you have been able to cut back on by doing this little exercise!


We all know those annoying emails we receive each and every day yet find ourselves just deleting them each day rather than hitting that rather convenient ‘unsubscribe’ button which will end all. If, like me you’ve deleted them as you go, next time your emails come through review each and every one and unsubscribe from each one which does not spark the joy with you anymore.

3. Delete Photos

I seem to have amassed a good 1,000 + photos and some more since getting a puppy. We all have those unnecessary photos that build up during the years and pad out our phones storage like a badly stuffed sausage. Use those moments of relaxation on the sofa to yet another film to sift through this years photos and videos and delete anything you absolutely don’t need. Ready to just do the same thing next year, you can never take enough photos, huh?

4. Goal Setting

I will put this one on here because for me it is a huge driver for getting the new year off to the right start and it helps you to get aligned with what you actually want to achieve and do in life. I try to divide my goals by Career, Home, Personal and Health. Whenever you set a big goal, make sure you back it up with smaller steps so getting there doesn’t seem so much like an uphill battle. Don’t make the mistake of setting and checking on them once a year! You should be reviewing goals on a weekly, even daily basis to make sure you stay on track to reach those goals.

5. Meal Plan

We all know that we hate the supermarket shop, and trying to think of what meals we want to eat for the following week. THIS is what I believe sets us up for misfortune with eating badly. When you’ve worked all day and there is nothing in and you’re too tired to think, a takeaway is always called upon. Set yourself up for success in the new year by actually meal planning and shopping for the exact items you need so there is literally no excuse to jump on deliveroo as the drop of a hat.

This is partly why we signed up to Gousto the food delivery box last year which we get on a weekly basis. Now I literally go on the app once a week and select what meals I want for the following week and everything I need arrives on the Monday ready for a week of meals. I ADORE it, and the meals are so tasty that I actually look forward to cooking. You set yourself up to fail if you don’t prepare, so take the time to meal plan or try out a delivery food box like Gousto. You can get 60% off your first Gousto box + 30% off the rest of your boxes in the first month if you fancy giving it a try. Try Gousto Now.

6. Wardrobe Clear Out

There is no better time to declutter than before the new year. If you’re like me and have resided in loungewear for the last 2 years then just a warning then you probably won’t end up with any clothes left, lol. Take this time to donate or sell anything that really doesn’t spark the joy with you anymore or that you haven’t worn for 2 years or more. Bag everything up and donate, or get listed on Facebook marketplace or Depop straight away to get it shifted.

7. Take A Whole Day Off

If you have some time off before the New Year use one day to literally do NOTHING. Switch that phone off for the day, don’t read any emails and spend time by yourself or with your family and friends. Read that book that’s been on your to read list for the last year, undisturbed. Rewatch your favourite programme, plan for the year ahead or go out for an adventure. 100% switch off time is so needed in our world which is constantly online.

8. Round Up Your Year

Along with looking forward to the new year, tie up the end of the year with listing all of your victories from the year in a gratitude list. Listing any hardships from the year is just as important, try to reframe them as a positive and list what was learnt from them and how they can be avoided in the future. If you wrote any goals at the start of the year it’s always a good idea to look back to see what you actually achieved, but don’t be too hung up if you didn’t – living through a pandemic has been a challenge in itself!

9. Check Your Makeup Bag

Seriously, do it. All makeup products come with an expiration date, if there are products you’ve not used in a while or do so intermittently, check their dates and chuck them if they’ve been opened for far longer than they should have been. Expired products can cause skin issues and won’t work as effectively. I’ve learned the lesson the hard way with this before!

10. Clean From Top To Bottom

I’ve always been a keep your Christmas decs up until after New year type of person, but this year I am very much get them down before so it’s fresh for the new year. What do you do? I feel like you can finally breathe once everything has come down and it frees up so much more room to think, and do! There is nothing like a New Year clean so you enter the year with a fresh, clean and productive space. You are the product of your environment, at least start the new year as you mean to go on!

11. Create A Vision Board

You are what you see and what you believe, and a vision board can help you to refocus and remember what you’re working towards throughout the year. Create a physical vision board, a graphic on Canva or a board on Pinterest. Fill it with the aesthetic you want for the year ahead, money milestones, specific goals, locations, items you desire – pretty much everything you want to manifest for the new year. Don’t forget to add your favourite quotes and look at the vision board everyday. You’re one unconscious step away from achieving all of the goals you set out!

What things do you love to do before the new year kicks in?

things to do before new year

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