Things To Do At Devils Point, Plymouth

devils point Plymouth

Devils Point is, or was such an underrated part of Plymouth until it boomed during lockdown due to the influx of wild swimmers. Much like every area surrounding the Royal William Yard, the gentrification of the area is immense. The community around Stonehouse is like no other and there are some truly amazing things to do, eat and see around this area.

The car park has always been free too which is amazing, although super busy during the day due to workers dumping their cars there. However, at the end of 2021 they are introducing a new scheme where you can only park for 3 hours for free, you just need to get a ticket from the parking machine. This is such good news for people who really just want to enjoy everything that Devils Point has to offer, and it makes a day out so much cheaper for everyone than parking down in the yard.

I’m definitely a well seasoned Stonehouse resident and I adore Devils Point, so whether you’re a tourist or from Plymouth, here are the things you’ve got to do at Devils Point!

Visit Hutong For Bagels & Coffee

I have confessed my love for the Hutong cafe on many occasions. They’re featured in my 10 of the best independent coffee shops post too!

Hutong is just on the corner when you’re approaching the yard and a 20 metre walk down from Devils Point. They have really made a name for themselves when it comes to their bagels and coffee. It has become the go to pit stop after wild swims in Devils Point in the desperate hope to warm up. The coffee shop is owned by the nicest family who have created such a wonderful community in Stonehouse. They’ve got an outdoor seating area now, so it’s a great place to meet up, and you can bring your dogs too!

devils point Plymouth

Go Wild Swimming

I might be biased, but Devils point is my favourite place to go sea swimming in Plymouth. It can be affected by currents more so than on the hoe but it’s tucked away, there are hordes of people that swim there everyday now and it’s a great way to meet people.

There are a couple of different landing points that you can go from, I usually prefer to walk along further to firestone bay where the beach huts are. It’s usually much quieter for keeping your stuff and it’s ideal during high tide as you can literally walk off the steps and get straight into the sea.

I wouldn’t ever recommend going on your own, unless it is daytime and there are other swimmers about. There are lots of different swim clubs I know of in Plymouth, search Devon Wild Swimmers on Facebook and join the group and just get talking! Lots of like minded individuals that are always up for a swim. Ace Swimming also provides sea and pool training so if you’re new to the sea, I would highly recommend getting a session with him as there are lots of different elements that make pool swimming feel like a breeze in comparison!


It certainly helped only living 5 minutes away from Devils Point and not having a garden, but sunbathing here on a sunny day is literally my fave thing to do. It feels like a mini holiday and it’s genuinely such a good place to bring children for a day out, and much quieter than the beach. It’s not the comfiest beach as it’s pebbled, so bring a deck chair or something sturdy to sit on.

There is a mini overflow pool which is filled by sea water that’s great for children (and dogs)!

devils point Plymouth

Rock Pooling

There are so many opportunities to explore the rock pools at Devils point for children. Grab some nets, wear some solid shoes and get stuck in! It’s quite rocky ground so you need to take care when doing so.

There is a snack bar at the top of Devils Point so you can grab a tea coffee, snacks and hot food during the day too. They sadly still don’t accept cards so make sure you bring some cash with you!

Dine At The Artillery Tower

The Artillery Tower has serious food, and view goals. It could not be more perfectly situated in its historic building overlooking Drakes island on firestone bay. They use all local suppliers for their food and work a gorgeous set menu, it’s currently slightly limited due to ongoing COVID restrictions. For their dinner menu it is £60 for two courses and £67 for three courses. This isn’t your everyday restaurant, but is one that is perfect for a special occasion.

devils point Plymouth

Sherlock Holmes Trail

If you’re heading up to Devils Point by foot there is no way you can miss out on the Sherlock Holmes trail. One of the houses on Durnford Street houses a plaque outside which was once the practice of literary great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, how cool is that?! He used the location and the surrounding area in his books over the following years. 

The plaques in the pavement leading up Durnford Street to Devils Point all feature quotations from his book and are a fun, quirky touch to this street. The plaques start on the left hand side of the street starting from outside the barracks. Just one of the fun things you can do for free in Plymouth.

Devils Point makes a great day out for a date, family trip or just for a little escape for an afternoon. It’s only a 10 minute ride from the city centre with good public transport links.

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