My Blogging Trend Predictions 2022

I think probably one of my greatest decisions of all time was to start writing a blog (this blog) in 2013. I feel proud to have been part of such a growing industry, which really has no signs of slowing. Although, the last few years have seen a huge shift in the blogging and influencer world. It is one that is probably the fastest growing, yet ever changing industries that you’ve constantly got to be on the treadmill for in order to keep up.

I blogged about my 2021 predictions for blogging at the end of last year, and it wouldn’t be right for me to not do the same for 2022. It has been another huge year for the blogging sphere, it’s not going anywhere quickly, but certain things do need to change. Here are my predictions for blogging and influencers in 2022, you heard it here first!

Brands WILL Take A Return To Prioritising Link Building

Link building on established blogs still offers a huge value to brands looking to gain authority on google and increase brand awareness. As soon as influencers arrived, marketing budgets were prioritised over influencers rather than blogs. They still are.

I’ve worked in ecommerce for 7 years now and I can tell you that link building offers far greater potential historically than a mention on an Instagram post. Let’s forget the dollar signs for a moment. Whilst an Instagram post might generate a direct amount of sales, that post will quickly fall off feeds within 48 hours. Even less with an Instagram story. Whilst a blog might not produce that amount of sales, or any – it is a long term game. SEO and growing your ranking on google for specific keywords take time, and unfortunately brands don’t see it this way, instantly looking for a quick way to bump up numbers instead. There’s no shortcut to success, you’ve got to take the stairs rings to mind!

One backlink on a blog with a high DA can help boost your natural ranking and DA, but if the brand returns to you and wants you to link again, this really does give google the thumbs up because it looks more natural and not like an advertisement. Hey, they’ve posted about this brand twice now, it must be genuine and relevant. This brings so many more opportunities to bloggers.

Investing in the e-commerce ecosystem of your site will build a solid foundation with longevity. One backlink is amazing, evergreen content, as long as that blog is still live, that link and history and value will continue to work for your brand for years to come.

Bloggers/Influencer Compensation

The big one for me is how brands work with influencers and bloggers, and valuing their worth. Traditional blogging outreach started with brands tipping their toes into gifted campaigns. Influencer marketing is now one of the most powerful forms of advertising. It’s relatable, it’s from people you trust and value online and it gives you instant access to a captive market. Whilst the industry is still new and growing, many brands are still getting it wrong when it comes to both gifting and paying influencers what they deserve.

For me, there has always been a lack of understanding of what a) goes into the work the brands request and b) the value the said influencer already holds in the online world. I still get daily requests by email of blogging opportunities for $10 a post, or brands looking for free exposure. A recent study by Intellifluence revealed that a whopping 41% of Influencers say “Brands are not offering adequate Compensation in their Pitches”. Here, here. Their Influencer compensation report was incredibly telling on how brands are still perceiving influencers compared to what the industry and individual influencer is actually worth.

In 2022, we need better transparency. Better transparency about what influencers/bloggers should be charging for their work and worth. With better education and more influencers charging set rates, this is the only way we can see real change in this industry. Brands, take note. Start valuing creators. It’s not just a post. It’s the years of work that have taken someone to get to that point. Would you expect a 10 year experienced electrician to do an hours work for £20? I didn’t think so. You pay for experience, value and time for a quality job.

Influencer marketing as a whole can be a time consuming job, and more often than not it’s just being considered as a side salad to an employee who is already stacked with day to day marketing. Many small businesses also want to do influencer marketing as they can see the value, yet don’t want to invest in fear of failure, and/or the expense. But influencer marketing can be done on a budget. It’s all about creating a defined strategy, targeting the right people in your niche and experimenting until you find something that works well for you, and your business. The longer a brand goes without touching influencer marketing, the less relatable you become. Tracking and optimising is key to keeping those costs low and driving that revenue up. It can be effective with time, and the right strategy.

More Opportunities

With the above, my third point to add is that there will be so many more paid opportunities for bloggers in 2022. With a better transparency and a thirst to get ahead on google, brands will need to be circling back to bloggers. Blogging is not just a hobby, and is considered a job for many that pays more than their full time jobs ever did.

And, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this in 2022. What might have been a side hustle is a serious, and healthy income source now. I have noticed that there are a lot more blogging opportunities available, both organically and online. If you’re a young blogger and wanting to really carve a space online and start earning serious money, you won’t regret putting the hard work in now. Become the best in your niche, blog as often as you can, and it will come.

I think that 2022 looks like an exciting year for bloggers, and influencers. Looking back, pretty much all of my 2021 blogging predictions happened. I’ll see you next year for the same! What are your predictions for the new year ahead?

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