30 of The Best Christmas Stockings 2021

I thought, is it a bit too early to start with the Christmas content during the first week of November? Then I was like, who am I kidding, it’s the perfect time to get started! I know that I’ve already actively started to look at decorations for Christmas and there’s just something about the fact that last Christmas was just not the same due to the pandemic that makes me want to make this one extra special.

I’ve never done Christmas stockings, but it’s one of the things I want to do this year and I have come across SO many gorgeous Christmas stocking ideas. I know a lot of you are also looking at the moment, so I’ve compiled 30 of the best (IMO) Christmas stockings online this year, happy shopping!

christmas stockings

1. Boucle Christmas Stocking – £27 + I came across this absolute stunner on Instagram, if it’s boucle and Christmas themed then I want in!

2. Personalised Tassel Christmas Stocking – £24.17 + These natural looking stockings are perfect for neutral, minimalist homes. I love that you can personalise them too.

3. Red or Cream Family Christmas Stockings & Personalised Wooden Name Tag – £12.50 These are so cheap and look like really high quality stockings, they’re a more classic, thin shape but would all look amazing hung on a bannister or fireplace together.

4. Karru Cotton Velvet Stocking – £32.50 Don’t these look like the softest stockings? I adore Nkuku, would highly recommend checking out their range of Christmas decorations too.

5. Knitted Christmas Stocking – £18 This is probably one of my favourite stockings if I had to pick my top 3. Of course, it’s one of The White Company’s range this year <3

6. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking – £25 Who doesn’t look a bit of faux fur, perfectly stylish too.

7. Blue & White Stripe Jingle Stocking – £22 This one is a real cutie! I love the design and would make a wonderful stocking no matter the age.

8. Faux Fur Stocking Dove Grey – £40 LOVE! Slightly on the more expensive side but it will probably last for years, so probably another in my top 3!

9. Chunky Knit Striped Christmas Stocking – £70 + I have always adored Lauren Aston Designs pieces and her iconic chunky knit accessories. This is my absolute FAVE. It is very much on my wishlist as I just can’t justify £70 on a stocking, or should I? No one does it like Lauren!

10. Solid Colour Knit Socking – £37.25 + A cutie, no nonsense knitted stocking.

11. Christmas Stocking – Jumbo chunky knit – £24 This is one of the only ones that comes close to Lauren Astons stockings. It’s available in a few colours and you can get a bow added to it as well. MUCH more affordable too.

12. Personalised Stocking – Wreath and Name – £7.95 This is a gorgeous personalised stocking and it comes in at a super affordable price, especially if you have a few of these to get for the family.

13. Christmas Reindeer Stocking – £8.99 I spotted this cutie in H&M Home, it’s probably one more for children but thought I’d add it into the mix anyway!

14. Personalised Luxe Faux Fur Stocking – £18 I love these stockings with the faux fur top to them, you can add personalisation to them with the wooden tags, super affordable too.

15. Faux Fur Pink Stocking – £15 Well, I had to include a pink one really, didn’t I? It reminds me of big bird and I love the tackiness of it.

christmas stockings

16. Faux Fur Stocking – £19.50 Another faux fur stocking, because you can never have enough options!

17. Personalised Luxury Velvet Christmas Stockings – £21 These aren’t to my taste but they’d be great for a family, and they’re personalised too.

18. Enchanted Christmas Alphabet Stocking – £10 These are super gorgeous and cheap too! You can’t beat Matalan for Christmas decs, they have such an affordable and stylish selection.

19. Brady Stocking – £36 I love the uniqueness of this stocking, it doesn’t conform to the standard Christmas colours and it looks SO soft.

20. Astrid Stocking – £42 Another cutie from Anthropologie, it looks like a sheep! Would be perfect for a boho, Scandi style interior.

21. Tressa Stocking – £46 The colours on this are just gorgeous!

22. Embroidered Stocking – £55 A slightly pricier stocking, but one you could imagine using for years to come.

23. Silver Reindeer Stocking – £3.99 This classic stocking comes in at the cheapest of the lot and it’s actually really nice.

24. Pink Velvet Christmas Stocking – £16 Pink and velvet? Say no more.

25. Velvet Christmas Stocking With Shaggy Fur – £9.95 I absolutely love these, it reminds me of those coats we had when we were younger with the faux fur sleeves.

26.Personalised Cotton Velvet Stocking – £9.95 This is super gorgeous and luxurious, yet affordable too. It’s available in a few different colours.

27. Personalised Knitted Christmas Stocking – £9.95 + Classic festive colours with the option to personalise.

28. Boho Christmas Stocking – £35 For a boho Christmas, look no further for the perfect stockings.

29. Neutral Christmas Stockings with Pom Pom Tassel  – £65.19 + I feel like these are SUPER pricey for what they are, but they are kinda cute.

30. Beautiful Large 60cm Christmas Stocking – £29 I think this is another that comes really close to the Lauren Aston Designs stocking, but in a different colour way. It looks so soft and gorgeous, and wonderfully festive.

So, there we have it. 30 gorgeous Christmas stocking ideas to hang up these year. I’ve included a real mix of styles and price points to suit every home this year. Which style Christmas stocking is your favourite?

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