19 of The Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts

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It’s fair to say that I am incredibly excited for Christmas this year and decorations seem to have been pulled forward into November as everyone is so looking forward to the most normal Christmas possible (be good to us Boris). For the last 5 years I have been getting a real Christmas tree as I personally don’t think you can get a more authentic, rustic and beautiful smelling tree than the real deal. But I have seen some amazing fake trees this year from The White Company to Wilkos!

I have never invested in a proper tree skirt as I had been putting a faux fur rug underneath, but it wasn’t a tree skirt so it didn’t even end up covering it effectively. As I have already seen so many peoples trees go up, I’ve been browsing lots of gorgeous Christmas tree skirts and I’m sharing 19 of the most beautiful tree skirts I have come across. It’s no surprise from the below that wicker and rattan is IN massively and this seems to be the most popular on the market right now, but there are some other gorgeous metal options and faux fur skirts for that cosy, hygge Christmas!

christmas tree skirts
  1. Antiqued Metal Tree Skirt – £60 I had to kick it off with the most expensive Christmas tree skirt to manage expectations, I promise they get cheaper from here on in! The White Company for me is just the epitome of that luxe, neutral home inspiration and I love the rustic feel of this skirt. It is something that will be used year after year so you just need to weigh up your budget with this. I have seen an absolute dupe for this in Home Bargains for £20 though – they are selling fast if you want it for this year though!

2. Wicker Tree Skirt – £15 I stumbled across this one trying to find a cheaper alternative to The White Company’s wicker version which was probably the easiest thing to do! Wicker is everywhere when it comes to Christmas tree skirts and you are certainly not short of options. This one from Dunelm comes in a choice of 3 colours and is currently sold out, so I would definitely check in your nearest store and keep checking back online if stock comes back in.

3. Super Soft Tree Skirt – £15 I adore the simplicity and warmth that comes with a faux fur skirt and it adds a softer element to the tree. Perfect for laying presents on top of, and I’m sure pets will enjoy the comfort that comes from this too!

4. Grey Wood Tree Skirt – £45 This is slightly on the pricier side for Wilkos and I do think there are better, cheaper options out there, but this one has a neater curve at the top which makes it better for slightly smaller trees. Make sure you do check that the base will accommodate your tree base before buying!

5. White Wicker Tree Skirt – £50 It’s The White Company wicker tree skirt, and I’m sorry but I just adore it! It fits perfectly with their 6 and 7ft fake trees which I want even more. It might be one I wait to come into the Christmas sales I feel!

6. Seagrass Christmas Tree Skirt – £32.99 A much more affordable option, this perfectly rustic Christmas tree base is perfect for a neutral, Scandi Christmas.

7. Copper Christmas Tree Skirt – £40 For something a bit bolder, look no further. This shiny little number contrasts beautifully with the dark firs of the tree.

8. Habitat Wicker Tree Skirt – £18 This Habitat Christmas tree skirt from Argos is incredibly affordable, and beautiful too! I like that it has slightly more height to it because it covers more of the tree which is typically bald until a certain point where the branches start.

9. White Christmas Tree Skirt Base Faux Fur – £13.70 The cheapest faux fur skirt I have seen outside of Ikea, an absolute steal!

10. Round Metal Tree Skirt – £49.99 This metal skirt is just beautiful with the dimpled finish and is ideal for a gold, festive theme in your interiors.

christmas tree skirts

11. Antique Brass Christmas Tree Skirt – £60 Who doesn’t love a bit of antique brass? This tree skirt would suit a period property, especially if you have this metal running throughout.

12. Ivyline Metal Tree Skirt – £51 I had to find a red one to throw some variation into the mix. A gorgeously festive colour done right, this Next tree skirt is a little bit of an investment, but would pay off in the years to come.

13. Faux Fur Tree Skirt – £30 Cobalt blue is such a luxe, opulent colour for Christmas and one we don’t get a chance to see much of. This tree skirt is available in a number of different colours.

14. Wicker Tree Skirt – £20 Another little bit of wicker hurt no one, right?

15. White Christmas Tree Skirt – £20.99 I’m trying to give a few different faux fur tree skirt options here, it’s the most expensive out of them but it is much bigger so you do get what you pay for.

16. Natural Grass Round Christmas Tree Skirt – £20 This natural, light wicker tree skirt is much neater with a higher curve at the top so it would be ideal for slightly smaller bases.

17. Metal Tree Skirt – £25 Just giving you a little contender for the £60 The White Company version…

18. Metal Design Snowflake Tree Skirt – £34.99 And again… If you’re looking for a slighter cooler metal.

19. Quilted Metal Tree Skirt – £34.18 With so much wicker and faux fur I was so drawn to this little unique tree skirt. The quilted effect metal adds visual interest and elegance to the base of a tree and it’s surprisingly not that expensive.

So many options, so little time – now I have to choose my favourite! Which Christmas tree skirt if your favourite?

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