Pinterest Creator Rewards – Get Paid To Pin

Earlier today I attended the Pinterest Creators Festival online and was blown away with their announcement of Pinterest Creator Rewards which will be launching in 2022. Pinterest are monetising this platform for creators, and are investing a whopping $20million dollars into this and various other features on the app.

Pinterest is honing in on creating a hub for creators who love to inspire the community. Pinterest in my opinion is one of the most uncomplicated social media platforms that provides a relaxing escape from life, and the pressures of other social media platforms. I’ve used Pinterest for over 10 years and this announcement has made me incredibly excited for the future of Pinterest.

So, how are Pinterest Creator Rewards going to work?

This is going to be a completely new way to monetise your Pinterest platform and boost your presence. Anyone can apply, but approval will be based on your engagement on the app and not how many millions of followers you have. Hooray! A platform that listens. You can sign up for early access for notifications on launch which I would strongly recommend doing if you’re interested.

According to Pinterest, and from what I understand, Pinterest Creators will have access to a list of pin ideas based on what people are searching for. I.e what the most popular/trending searches are for that period, they may base this on their trending predictions. You can then choose to create a pin from one of the prompts. You will literally be getting paid to create inspiring content. Is this not incredible, or what?!

You will need to have a creator or business account setup to utilise this and the other new features launching next year.

What To Do Until Then?

Now, is the time to get your Pinterest account in good standing to give you the best case possible of being approved for this scheme. Whilst they state engagement will be what they’re looking for, we don’t know exactly what that might be, but it will probably be to do with your monthly impressions and engagement of your most popular pins. Here are some things you can do to start boosting your engagement NOW, even if you have a brand new account;

  • Start using idea pins! They don’t disappear after 24 hours, they appear at the top of peoples feeds and are being prioritised over other forms of content currently. Take a look at my blog post on Idea Pins for loads more ideas for how to utilise these. Also, use the new feature on idea pins ‘Allow New Takes’ which allows other pinners to do a take on your Idea Pin. Their takes get added to your original idea pin for everyone to see. This capitalises on that community hub feeling that Pinterest are trying to create. It is one of their newest features, so you want to start using this straight away!
  • Start doing keyword research – don’t post a beautiful pin without pairing it with a keyword optimised title and description that will help to boost the ranking of your pin.
  • Be super consistent with pinning organic content! You need to put the groundwork in for this platform to work for you, but once you do, it can open so many opportunities up to you.
  • Jump onto trending pins, use Pinterest Trends to find out what the most searched pins are for that week, choose one and create a pin around it. I did this for one last year and I got over 1 million impressions from that 1 pin alone!

I’m sure more information will emerge as time goes on, but you heard it here first! There’s no excuse to ignore that Pinterest account anymore, get it going and this time next year you could be getting paid to pin, the dream, right?

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