Meet The Hot or Not Interior List – October

hot or not interior list

There is nothing like a flashback to the late nineties than flared bell bottom trousers (probably corduroy), matching outfits with your siblings and rushing to the latest edition of your favourite mag and pouring over the hot and not list. Celebs, clothing, makeup – we loved to see it.

There’s just something about magazines of today and ‘online’ that lacks that fun, digestible content. I’ve been wanting to bring a new segment, and refresh to my blog for a little while and for that reason I am so excited to launch my new monthly feature – the hot or not interiors list, by yours truly.

This monthly edition will be a bitesize, fun piece of content to tuck into each month to help get your interiors looking on point, and steer you away from those trends that just shouldn’t even leave the screen of your Pinterest board. Let’s get stuck into the October edition shall we?

interiors hot or not list

What’s going up?

Rattan Everything

RATTAN EVERRRRYTHING. Rattan and wicker are such a huge trend for this year and we are seeing it through lighting, baskets, bed frames and decor. Rattan is a light, natural element that can bring warmth and versatility into a space. Whilst it’s currently ‘trending’, it’s not really one that has ever not been around. It’s one of those trends that sits in the background, enjoyed until everyone discovers it and realises it’s better than sliced bread. It really does lend itself to autumnal styling too.

I’ve got my eye on these gorgeous storage baskets from Nkuku this month!

Autumn Wreaths

I am so delighted that #WreathWatch doesn’t just have to be a Christmas thing now. The Autumn decorations and wreaths are plentiful this year and so pretty. Autumn can be a time that people dread, the darker nights, the wet weather, but I love the celebration of the transition into this beautiful new season. What better way to do that than with an autumnal wreath?

Brushed Brass

Remember when copper was in like 4 years ago? Yeah, same because EVERYTHING in my home featured some sort of accent of copper. The metal of the moment is brushed brass now and I am HERE for it. I think like it’s the more mature, grown up counterpart of copper and I am a little bit in love with it.

Whilst gold is very popular at the moment, it is not brushed brass and is much more yellowy in colour. Whilst gold can appear to sometimes be tacky, brushed brass is the better option to go for. Brass is a metal that has survived through the eras, it particularly suits period homes.

Whilst copper was very much a trend looking back, brass is one that will still look in the part in your home in years to come. I adore these brushed brass sockets and switches – such a gorgeous way to lift your interiors, the devil really is in the detail.

Glass Pendant Lights

I genuinely do hate the darker nights, but glass pendants are so perfect for washing swathes of light over the room whilst opening up the space around them. They are very much a perfect light for all types of homes and rooms. For breakfast bars and dining tables a row of odds will create a light, airy and social space.

Boucle Chairs

Boucle everything for that matter. It reminds me of clouds and lambs. Of the good type, not rain clouds. Whilst it is very much a trend, opt for a few pieces rather than getting boucle everything as it really is likely to be out of fashion by this point next year. This is a Made dupe available from Homebase for only £89.00, SO good! This would be such a beautiful dressing table chair.

boucle chair

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

The drop in temperature means one thing. The velvetiser is being dusted off and going back into action. This was THE best present I received last year. I literally cannot recommend it enough. There is nothing cosier than an evening by the fire, blankets, candles and a hot chocolate. The vanilla white flavour is UNREAL.

What’s Going Down?

That Glass Pumpkin Jar

We’ve all seen that glass pumpkin jar. After everyone spotted it in Home Bargains and it sold out, loads of other retailers have put out their own version. I do think they’re cute, don’t get me wrong, but I think they just end up looking like another piece of tack lying around and cluttering the space. Sorry, not sorry.

Monochrome Interiors

Every time I think of monochrome now I just think of beetlejuice. Black & white just isn’t a vibe in interiors anymore, and just not an autumnal, halloween colour decor that you should endure. Touches of monochrome are fine, but you need to be able to bring some kind of warmth into your space too.

Bright Orange Pumpkin Decorations

We know that bright orange pumkins are the cornerstone of Halloween but garish, orange decorations are just a no no. You can get so many other tasteful, neutral decorations now that will blend in with your home but allow you to enjoy them throughout autumn. Instead of orange, opt for burnt orange and mulberry red shades which will still bring warmth into your home. Think of the beautiful nature and colours we see at this time of the year, and try and replicate that through your home. You can easily spray paint or paint any orange decorations and repurpose the ones you already have too.

Skeletons, Remotely Scary Decorations

Unless you’re hosting a kids Halloween party, just no. Skeletons and scary decorations do not go with rattan furniture and pretty autumnal wreaths. They just don’t fit in and they’re not in any way instagrammable. Plus, they’re only really relevant for that weekend before Halloween. Save your money and buy cute, Autumnal decorations instead.

Grey Washing

If you do anything, just stop with the grey washing. I hate to say it but all grey in a home was never in fashion. lol. There’s nothing wrong with touches of grey, but too much and it lacks personality and character. Bringing in pops of colours adds warmth and depth to a home.

Grey washing *has* literally been led by the masses on Instagram and influencers. Would you paint your home neon green if your fave influencer did? Probably. But, a lot of what we see on Instagram is not necessarily stylish or in, it’s very much a trend of the moment that will pass as quickly as it comes. Note: Don’t keep your eggs all in one basket of colour, that goes for any colour.

I hope you loved my October hot or not list. Do you agree? Do you disagree? What are you lusting and loathing over this month?!

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