How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest

how to drive more traffic to your blog with pinterest

Driving masses of traffic to your blog with Pinterest sometimes felt like a myth to me, until it actually happened. Everywhere I went I would see these claims of how their number 1 traffic source was Pinterest and how many 1,000s of views they got each month. But how? Do you want the easy answer?

There is NO shortcut to success on Pinterest. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Pinterest is unlike other social media platforms, you can go viral with a pin you posted a year ago, one singular post can drive the majority of your traffic, month after month. And – it doesn’t rely on you having to continually engage with other peoples content to get that back in return. Put simply, Pinterest is a self sustainable social media platform, but one that also needs a lot of strategic behind the scenes work and planning.

Armed with the correct strategy and technique, whether you are a blogger or have a small business, anyone can drive more traffic to their blog or website from Pinterest. Let’s get started…

Jump On Trending Pins

I first found success with one of my pins which hit 1 million impressions by jumping on a trending pin, I reiterate. For ONE pin. Trending pins are the types of pins that Pinners are currently searching for the most. You can see what the current trending pins are by clicking in the search box and scrolling down to ‘Popular On Pinterest’.

how to drive more traffic to your blog with pinterest

Is there a trending pin that fits into your blog niche or you could write a great post on? If so, you need to react quickly. Trending pins do change daily based on traffic so you need to jump onto it whilst it’s hot, this is key for capitalising on that traffic. Once you have written the blog post, create a few graphics for the blog and pin onto Pinterest. Posting a few different graphics will give you more chance of one being picked up. This is such a simple and easy way to drive a lot of traffic to your blog from Pinterest in a short period of time. You can also visit Pinterest Trends which is a little bit like Google Trends where you can view what is trending that week in the UK, US and Canada. This tool is completely free, and is AMAZING!

It worked for me when I spotted ‘Instagram Caption Ideas’ trending. I wrote a blog and posted about 5 graphics and one BLEW up! The results below speak for themselves…

how to drive more traffic to your blog with pinterest

Pinterest Graphics

When pinners are scrolling through hundreds of different images on their Pinterest feed your pins need to stand out to make the pinner stop and click through. Creating Pinterest graphics will instantly transform the pin you were about to pin of just a photo from your blog, whilst hoping for the best. It’s incredibly easy to create an attractive overlay on a graphic, I use Canva for all of my graphics like the one featured at the start of this post.

To create the perfect graphic for your post, use the correct size for an optimal pin which is 1,000 x 1,500. Use an attractive image, add the title of that post as an overlay (important to use good keywords on this too) along with a CTA (call to action), what do you want the pinner to do? Some good call to actions you could use are;

  • Read Now
  • Get Your Free Tips
  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Free PDF Download

Also, don’t stop at one! Create at least 3 different Pinterest graphics for each blog post to really maximise your exposure. It’s also a good way to test which style graphics work best too.

Be Consistent

People who pin one pin onto Pinterest and expect their account to blow up reminds me of dieters who expect to lose weight after one gym session and a day of eating healthy. lol. Pinterest is NOT a quick fix. It needs time, work and a whole lot of consistency to reap the rewards.

Whilst re-pinning and bulking your boards out is good, the most important aspect of this is unique pins. Pinterest, and your followers love to see continual fresh pins that you have created to inspire them and it will give you a boost too. Aim to post around 3-5 unique pins everyday if you can. These can be batch created and scheduled directly through Pinterest. Putting a couple of hours aside each week, or less is all you need to establish a consistent routine with this.

This consistency and large amount of organic pins is the only way you can start driving lots of traffic to your blog, or website. Re-pinning other peoples pins is going to do nothing for scaling up your web traffic.

Keyword Research

Just because it’s not on google, pins need their own kind of SEO so people can actually find your pins. Better search terms = more traffic. Before you post every pin, keyword research is incredibly important to help your pins rank well, and for them to appear to more people. One of the easiest ways to conduct keyword research is to utilise the search function on Pinterest itself. Most pinners use keywords to search for what they are looking for, by entering one specific keyword, this will bring up other suggested keywords, and words that are commonly used together.

how to drive more traffic to your blog with pinterest

Once you click on one of the keywords, this will generate further keywords related to that keyword. Pinterest is a treasure trove for keyword research and is highly valuable for implementing into your new pin titles and descriptions.

It’s a good idea to keep an excel spreadsheet on the go that you can pull keywords from when needed. I would suggest using a seed keyword such as ‘bedroom’ and then adding a column of Pinterest keywords where you can list all of the other relatable and popular searches. Once you have a good keyword strategy in place you can use them for;

  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating pin text overlays
  • Writing pin descriptions
  • Creating board titles
  • Creating pin titles
  • Pinterest bio

Remember, a good keyword strategy will help you to create pins that rank, attract impressions and drive that all important, consistent traffic to your blog.

Use Idea Pins

Idea Pins are the number 1 best way to start growing your Pinterest traffic today. They are visible at the start of pinners home feeds, but the best bit? They do not disappear after 24 hours. Say, what? That’s right. Idea pins will reside on Pinterest forever. This idea pin could continue to grow month, after month without having to do anything further to it. You can add notes sections to the pin to direct people to your website or add a call to action on the last slide of your idea pin to drive people to your website.

It’s also a much easier way to get your ideas out onto Pinterest to inspire others. Idea pins are a story, and it’s your story to tell. They also have a really cool feature that you can enable on the advanced settings of your idea pin called allow new takes. Toggling ‘Allow New Takes’ on means that other pinners can create their own take on your idea pin which gets added to your idea pin. This is an incredible way to continue growing your exposure whilst building a community.

how to drive more traffic to your blog with pinterest

Join A Group Board

Group boards are a little bit of an old fashioned thing in my opinion, but they can be beneficial if you have a new unestablished account on Pinterest. Group boards are an easy way of getting your pins seen by lots more people. It’s best to only join groups that are related to your profile/niche so they are highly relatable to that audience.

You can request to join groups, you might be invited or you could even create your own group board and start following others who are well known in your niche.

Combine all of these elements to drive more traffic to your blog and you’ll be well on the way to increasing your blog traffic with Pinterest! Do you have any other tips for driving Pinterest traffic to your blog?

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