What Is An Art Hanging System?

what is an art hanging system

AD | An art hanging system is a tool to help you more efficiently put up your artwork on the wall or ceiling. Whether you like contemporary pieces, portraits, or just some abstract patterns, it’s good to have a system to help you make the most of the idle space on the wall. Here are some things to help you get it all together. 

Things to Consider 

Whether you’re posting up art in the home or on display in an exhibition, you need to understand what to do with space. The lighting is key because you want it to shine a specific way. Are you going for something with natural light that’ll be perfect for art hanging systems

Do you have a lamp nearby or light setting that can make the pieces on your wall stand out? What distractions are there that may impede the pattern or sharpness of the work on the wall?

Always consider these elements before you start to put things up on the wall. 

Watch the Spacing

Not only are we talking about the wall room, but its condition. Do the walls need a touch-up of fresh paint? This can impede the overall look of your pictures because any cracks or obstructions will take away from the elegance of your pieces. 

Let’s say you need to relocate a hook to put a frame in place. A kneaded eraser can help cover up most of the smudge on the wall. Small details like this are noticeable to the trained eye, so you must try to polish things up smoothly. 

Hanging Mechanics

Be careful about how you choose your tools for the wall. Always have the following in your possession when you’re ready to hang your items up:

  • Pencils
  • Hooks
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Extra Picture Wire

It’s good to have all of the essentials and extra in case of an emergency. If you were to hang up your art in a gallery setting, remember that the average human eye height is 62 inches. You need to have precise measurements to center your art in a way that captivates human sight. Choosing the right artistic hanging structure for your work can make or break the space. 

It takes time to find a good art hanging system that’ll work well in your home or a gallery to properly exhibit your pieces. Get some advice from an expert to help you find something that works well for the art you want to showcase.   

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