How Much Does It Cost To Run A Blog?

I’ve seen a few of these posts that are going around at the moment, but most of them seem to be written by very profitable blogs. Whilst I do make some income from my blog through sponsored posts and affiliate links, for the most part since I started almost 8 years ago it has always been a hobby of mine as I love writing and growing an online presence.

This post is for you if you are a beginner blogger, you’re interested in starting a blog and not sure of the true cost to help you get setup or even if you’re a well seasoned blogger who is looking to increase their presence and perhaps take your passion hobby into a full time income one day.

This is not an exhaustive list of costs but the costs that are involved in running my blog.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting my blog on WordPress is the biggest expense out of any of them. There are free alternatives to help you get started with a blog though, including Blogger which is googles blogging platform. I started out with blogger back in 2013 and it was perfect for someone who had no idea about website design, blog hosting or even what WordPress was.

There is a lot more information and support around now, whilst I’ll save starting out as a beginner blogger for another post, I would recommend starting with WordPress even if it feels daunting to begin with. It provides far greater flexibility for design, SEO and functionality. But of course, that does come at a price.

You have to pay for monthly hosting to hold a WordPress blog. I have used SiteGround since I migrated from blogger to WordPress and have had nothing but a seamless hosting experience since then. They offer a couple of different packages based on the amount of traffic your blog receives and needs to handle. For a beginner, you’ll just want to get started with their StartUp hosting which is currently discounted at £5.99 a month which is an amazing offer, I currently pay £11.99 a month for hosting.

My Total Annual Cost = £143.88


Having a domain for your blog is by no means an essential. I didn’t get a domain for about 2 years, however, without your own domain you risk looking unprofessional and the main biggie is that you can’t start growing your own DA (domain authority) until you have your domain. For that reason alone, it’s a no brainer to start writing with your own domain from day dot.

My domain is held with 123Reg which it has been since I initially bought it. When purchasing a new domain, as long as it’s available, you can usually purchase them for a really cheap deal for the first year such as 99p. I usually buy mine in 2 year blocks as it works out cheaper. This isn’t a regular expense by any means but an essential one when the renewal comes around as you don’t want to risk losing your domain name.

I last purchased a 2 year renewal of my domain back in 2019 which was only £23.98.

Website Themes

Unless you’re a whizz with the backend of your website, you’re going to need a website theme to help make your blog look professional, and personal to you. I’ve had a handful of themes over the years which have varied in cost. This is more a one off cost for whenever your blog needs a refresh.

I haven’t changed my theme since I migrated to WordPress in 2018 with Pipdig and had used them for a couple of my old blogger themes too. As I chose to migrate to WordPress with them for £95 this included a free theme chucked in which was an amazing offer. Their themes range in price from £49-£59. They’re very affordable in my opinion and incredibly easy to setup. You don’t need to be a tech guru to install these, they come with straight forward instructions but they do provide a free installation service if you get stuck. Like I said, I had this installed in 2018, so it’s really been worth the money.

Canva Premium

Canva is 100% the best and most used piece of software EVERY day for me for my blog and other work. If you’re not familiar with canva it’s design editing software which is packed full of stock imagery, templates and so many elements that are 10 times easier to do than they are on photoshop.

There is a free version of Canva but the premium package offers unlimited access to their templates, stock imagery and elements. It costs £10.99 a month and is the best thing you will ever invest in. From logo creation to packaging design and Pinterest graphics, I literally do it all with Canva.

Other Expenses

As your blog grows you might want to look at other areas that will benefit your blog such as a mailing list, stock libraries and social media ads.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of costs but is what it personally costs me to keep my blog running. For a beginner blogger you can definitely get started in a cost effective way for under £200 and even then, not all of these elements are an essential for starting a blog.

Good luck on your blogging journey!

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