3 Digital Side Hustles Which Can Boost Your Income

The one phrase I’ve probably heard more in the last year than lockdown is ‘side hustle’. Millennials really are going to be known as the generation that always wanted more, but why not? Millennials are prepared to put in the extra work on their evenings and weekends, and hustle hard to find that passion that gets them out of bed everyday. Whilst the happiness aspect should always come before money, if you’re looking to boost your income, there are so many digital side hustles available to get started quickly, and with minimal expense.

From creating your own e-books to becoming an influencer, the possibility of the digital landscape is so broad that you can monetise any niche hobby these days. Not sure where to get started? Here’s just a few digital side hustle ideas to help you get started.

1.Custom Clothing & Products

With Free Sublimation Design you can pick your favourite graphics and get them printed onto your own stock/pieces of clothing. All you need is a subliminaton printer, a heat press and the clothing you want to print onto. A fun hobby which you absolutely can turn into a side hustle!

You might want to turn your hand at custom products like mugs, tumblers, tote bags and SO much more. The Guitar SVG files are perfect if you’re a fan of a classical guitar. There’s loads of different variations of styles to choose from so you can create something really unique.

Once you’ve got your stock and designs you’re good to go, and the beauty is that you can make them up to order so there is minimal risk involved. You can easily get started selling on the likes of eBay and Etsy and branch out onto your own website as you grow.

2. Blogging

It’s never too late, or too saturated to start a blog and monetise it. There are many different possibilities of income when it comes to blogging including sponsored blog posts (the higher DA (domain authority) you have, the more opportunities available to you), affiliate links, gifting/paid opportunities, and link insertion.

Blogging is not an overnight success story, nor will it provide an instant income in the first few months. Blogging is a long term game and will continue to provide value over time, if you give it the time. This is why you really need to be passionate about writing or blogging rather than going head first in with your eyes on the prize. You need the motivation and consistency to keep writing post after post without seeing any money. But once you hit that sweet spot you’ll attract more opportunities and essentially help to develop somewhat of a passive income whilst you sleep.

There are also many successful bloggers out there making 6 figure incomes each year, and it is 100% possible if you want to pivot to it as a full time career in the future.

3. E-Books

Passive income is a HUGE draw when it comes to developing your own e-books. No matter what your hobby or niche is, you betcha you can make it into an e-book and start attracting those sales.

Once you’ve done the hard part in creating your idea and generating the content, you just need to build it. All you need is something like Canva to create it and you’re done! I’ve not personally created any e-books, but it’s still on my list to generate one around Pinterest as there are so many people who asked for more info on how I hit 1 million impressions on Pinterest. So, hey, watch this space…

The best thing about the digital landscape is that it’s constantly changing and there really is loads of opportunities to create passive and additional income in the comfort of your own home, on your own hours, giving you freedom and flexibility.

*AD – This post is a paid collaboration with Design Bundles, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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