9 Ways To Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards

Pinning aside, there is so many different ways you can optimise your boards and profile to start attracting more impressions, followers and traffic. Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest or you’re a well seasoned pro, it’s a good idea to regularly review your account and give it a clean up. I liken it to cleaning your house or workspace, getting all your ducks in a row on Pinterest will motivate you and help you to attract more of the good stuff to your profile.

Here are 9 simple ways that can help you clean up your Pinterest boards, all you need is to put one evening aside to tackle it! Head to the bottom of the post to download your FREE task sheet.

1.Add Covers To Every Board

Add a relevant photo to every board you have so pinners know exactly what to expect from them. It will also help to make things look slightly more professional.

To add a cover, go to the board and tap on the 3 dots next to the board title and click the pencil icon over board cover. You can then choose whether to pre-select one that is already on your board. You could also create your own images with a text overlay on canva, you would just need to make sure these are pinned to the board first so they can be selected.

2. Optimise Your Name

You get 30 characters for your name/title – utilise this as much as possible and get those key search terms in. If you sell baby clothing and your brand name is Kumi. Don’t just put Kumi, you could put something like ‘Kumi – Sustainable Baby Clothing’. The character length is there for a reason, sell yourself and use it! If you pin a lot about marketing you could put ‘Nicole – Digital Marketing Growth Tips’.

3. Optimise Your Pinterest Bio

To help keep people on your page, to know what to expect from you and why they should click that follow button, it’s time to nail that Pinterest bio!

Remember to use relevant, SEO focused keywords in your description, keep it short, simple and let users know what to expect from you.

Mine for example is;

‘Millennial marketer. Here for flat lays, dreamy home Inspo and social media growth tips’.

I’m telling Pinners what I do, my main focuses, but the other key boards I pin to regularly.

4. Re-order Your Boards

Take proper stock of all of your boards. Move boards to the top that are the most relevant to your profile. If you mainly focus on Nail Art but have home inspiration boards at the top, move them around! 

If you’ve got boards that haven’t been pinned on for months and just aren’t relevant, make them secret or archive those boards. This will help your account to look and be as relevant to your pinning niche as possible.

Lastly, keep all boards secret until they have 40+ pins. When your boards hit 40+ pins this is when they have the opportunity to become suggested boards on relevant winners searches. This can really help to maximise your following and impressions if you can become suggested.

5. Optimise Board Titles

Just like your Pinterest name, you’re going to want to follow the same process for your board titles.

Both your Pinterest board titles and descriptions are there to help you maximise the visibility of your boards. Board titles can be up to 100 characters in length. Use keyword rich words that are relevant to your board, providing context to the Pinner will help you in those search results. 


Replace a board named ‘Bedroom’ with ‘Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms’ or ‘Minimal Grey Bedroom Ideas’ – it often helps niching down as much as you can with boards. You can easily divide your pins down into additional boards for relevancy.

6. Optimise Board Descriptions

You guessed it, time to optimise those board descriptions too. Follow the same process with descriptions, a) make sure you’re using them and b) max them out with keywords, you have up to 500 characters to use on descriptions. Think what people are searching for and be as descriptive as you can with the board.

A simple way to do keyword research on Pinterest that is FREE is to go to the search box on Pinterest, type in the keyword for your board and it will display lots of related searches, usually in a most popular order. I would 100% recommend doing this for any type of board and pin optimisation.

7. Niche Your Board Categories

This is one I’ve definitely been guilty of in the past. Overcrowding boards that could be split down into 5 more highly relevant, concentrated boards. 

For example, my ‘Bedroom’ board could actually be split into a multitude of boards such as;

‘Minimal Grey Bedroom Ideas’

‘Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas’

‘Pastel Coloured Bedrooms’

‘Small Bedroom Ideas’

This helps to keep boards relevant, it’s easier to spot that you’re not pinning duplicates and it definitely helps with having a more specific niche, especially for Pinners searches. When going onto Pinterest you’re usually looking for some sort of specific idea or inspiration. You wouldn’t just search bedroom, but you would be more likely to search something specific or niche like ‘grey bedrooms’.

8. Delete Duplicates

When you’re reviewing your boards it’s a good idea to look through them for duplicate pins OR similar boards. If you spot similar boards you can choose to merge all pins onto that board. If you spot duplicate pins just delete them. You want to keep your boards as fresh and unique as possible so when your pins fall onto your followers feeds, they’re more likely to repost them.

9. Assess Your Group Boards

Joining or being invited to group boards can seem like the right thing to do when you’re starting out. I DO think they can help your pins get a lot more exposure than you wouldn’t already get, however, you need to make sure that they’re remaining effective over time and not being diluted by other peoples pins in the board. Review if the topic still fits within your niche, how many contributors there are and how many pins are posted collectively per day. You can leave group boards at any time if they no longer serve you a purpose.

Don’t forget to download your FREE cleaning up your Pinterest account task sheet which categorises everything in an easy to follow to do list! Click to download here. Need some more direction on Pinterest? Here are 4 strategies to help you grow on Pinterest.

how to clean up your Pinterest boards

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