What Pinterest Boards Should I Have?

what Pinterest boards should I have

Whether you’re just looking to start Pinterest from scratch or you’ve been pinning for a few years, at some point you would have definitely thought ‘what Pinterest boards should I have?‘. This then probably results in you looking at your competitors or similar accounts and trying to replicate what they have too. But, it doesn’t mean they’re right, and there’s a more strategic way to go about it.

Firstly, you need to get intimate with how you’re going to be using Pinterest. If you’re using it for your small business selling candles your boards are going to be looking a lot different to someone who blogs about mental health.

When you can get straight on your reason for using Pinterest things will be a lot clearer. It definitely helps to try and stick within your niche on Pinterest as having a highly aligned account will pay dividends for you in the long run. Niche accounts record much faster rates of growth, this is a common denominator across all social channels.

As they say, riches are in the niches.

What Pinterest Boards Should I Have?

Starting from scratch can seem scary and it can be all too easy to try and blend your personal boards onto a business account, such as ‘dream house’. Don’t. It’s best to keep these boards separate and use your business/blog account for just those things.

Before we start, an important thing to remember is that people use Pinterest daily for inspiration, tips, how-to’s and ideas. It’s a place full of inspiration and people will actively be looking for areas in your niche. So, we need to be tapping into those.

Okay, so let’s say we have a lifestyle blog – this can be somewhat broad but you may have one particular topic that you cover a lot such as about your local city, lets say, Leeds.

With that main focus to go on we can really break our boards down into sub categories, you would do something similar like this with blog post title planning too.

  • Places to visit in Leeds
    • Activities in Leeds for Kids
    • Free places to visit in Leeds
    • Picturesque Places in Leeds
  • Restaurants in Leeds
    • Places for brunch Leeds
    • Best places for coffee Leeds
  • Leeds Insider (you could position yourself as a native person from Leeds and really use this to bolster your authority and affinity with the place)

These would be your main boards that you would position at the top of your account. You could then create further boards to represent the other categories on your blog to build up your profile and impressions.

  • Branded board – this could be all about your business, your blog, you! Let your Pinterest followers get to know the person or brand behind the account.
  • Lifestyle blogs – you could use this to post your miscellaneous blogs if you don’t have enough that fall into a particular ‘category’.
  • Group boards – I personally haven’t had much success with group Pinterest boards. If you can collaborate with other people with a similar interest then it can be a good way of maximising the reach and engagement of your pins. I personally use Tailwind communities more which I have found to be more beneficial. I think group boards are definitely a good idea when you are getting started though.

Also, just because you may have a niche it doesn’t mean you can’t have boards for you too (I would avoid this if you have a small business unless the boards can be relatable to the business). On my Pinterest account I position my most popular/ relevant to what I’m trying to do at the top and then have a variety of other boards, things I enjoy, things that inspire me.

what Pinterest boards should I have

If you’re still lacking inspiration here are some of the most popular style boards on Pinterest that will help to increase your impressions and allow you to start carving out a space on Pinterest.

  • Flatlay photography
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Winter, Spring, Summer Fashion
  • Dream Living Room
  • Dream Office
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Food/Meal Inspiration/Sweet Treats

Now, having a load of boards and direction on where to take them is great, but the work doesn’t stop there! Take a look at my other Pinterest resources so you can start nailing your presence on Pinterest.

I could talk about the massive benefits it’s brought to my blog over the last year until the cows come home. Its time to start harnessing the power of Pinterest to reach your potential!

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