How I Create My Pinterest Graphics

how to create Pinterest graphics

Over the last year my Pinterest account and blog views have sky rocketed, and whilst I’d love to say the blog content I’m putting out is much better, the Pinterest graphics that I create are the number 1 thing that gives people a hook and gets them to click that link and come through to my blog.

For years I used to always share my blog posts to Pinterest with just the images to no gain, it wasn’t until I started to take Pinterest seriously that I realised just how important Pinterest graphics are.

The algorithm is also constantly changing with Pinterest, and they’ve said that in 2021 they are valuing FRESH and original content over anything else. Fresh content is when you’re putting something brand new out there, not just repining someone else pins.

As an example, you could have one blog post, but create 4 different Pinterest graphics for it and each pin would still be classed as fresh and original, whilst giving you 4 more chances of getting your content noticed and attracting people to your blog. Pretty clever, right?

If you have a blog or a business and don’t already utilise Pinterest graphics to your gain, you’re going to want to keep reading!

How I Create My Pinterest Graphics

Canva will become your new best friend. If you don’t already, sign up for a completely FREE account today.

I’ve been using canva for about 3 years and have created logos, business cards, banners, social media posts, graphics and more, for free. It’s like photoshop, but it’s accessible and easy for anyone to use which is why I love it so much. There is the option to upgrade your account which gives you access to more designs etc, but you really don’t need this version to benefit from everything it has to offer.

As I said you can create as many different graphics for one blog post, as long as they are slightly different. I tend to have a few templates now that I pull from, depending on whatever is most relevant for that blog post. I’m going to talk you through how to create them from scratch.

When you’re logged into Canva, select ‘Create A Design’ and choose ‘Pinterest Pin’. This uses the ideal custom ratio size that is desired by Pinterest which is 1000 x 15000 px.


Starting with a blank canvas can be pretty daunting, but the best thing about Canva is there is already hundreds of templates for you to choose from that you can then customise with fonts, images and your branding colours. Simply select ‘Templates’ on the left hand side and scroll through until you find one fitting.

Now you’ve got your chosen template it’s time to get creative and own it!

I always start with the imagery I’m going to use, I tend to use my own original images, but Canva have a whole host of free to use images that you can choose from too.


I find when it comes to the text element this is when you can really start to personalise things.

Font bundles and Canva have so many free fonts to choose from and if you’re looking to create a title with a sub heading, Canva has already formulated a range of paired fonts that look amazing together. Is there anything it doesn’t do?

How To Upload Your Own Fonts

Graffit fonts are one of my favourites to use as they’re bold, fun and are incredibly eye catching when scrolling through Pinterest. Take a look at the graffiti font from Font Bundles for inspiration, as there are so many to choose from that you’re sure to find one that complements your branding.

It’s easy to add your own fonts to Canva. When you find a free font on font bundles you like, create an account if you don’t already have one and download the font. Then back on Canva simply;

  1. Open your project.
  2. Select your text area.
  3. Click the font dropdown.
  4. Click “Upload a font” at the bottom of the list.

The fonts are then there and ready to use whenever you need to create a graphic.

Once you’ve decided on your core fonts you want to stick with you can create a folder of your branding fonts so you can easily call upon them when you’re next creating a graphic.

how to create Pinterest graphics


When creating Pinterest graphics try and always be consistent with your branding. Stick to 3 or 4 key colours to use throughout, this will keep it consistent, on brand and relatable to your site.

Another thing to add is that Pinterest graphics are great to add to your blog posts too. If you have the Pinterest pin button installed already it encourages users to repin to their own boards as you’ve already done the hard work for them.

how to create Pinterest graphics

Pinterest graphics are completely FREE to make, once you have a few set templates to come back to, make it a habit of creating them after writing a blog and pinning them straight away. It’s an easy way to start attracting more traffic to your blog and I honestly owe everything to them for experiencing the level of growth I have over the last year.

I hope my few template ideas have inspired you to get started today, I don’t know where I would be without Font Bundles and Canva that pretty much all do the hard work for me! Do you already create Pinterest graphics?

*This is a paid post in collaboration with Design Bundles but all opinions are 100% my own.

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