20 Things You’re Definitely Feeling In Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown 3 vs lockdown 1 is a completely different vibe, no?

Lockdown 1 was a novelty for sure. Those seemingly endless weeks of glorious sunshine with tans that we couldn’t even replicate abroad. House party and zoom calls on the regular. Embracing those daily, government approved walks and generally feeling a sense of wellbeing, and a slower pace of life we’d never got a taste of before.

Fast forward a year, and you’ll definitely be feeling some of these.

1.You used to make an effort for zoom calls, but now it’s just cap on, look down, or better yet, turn the camera off?

2. You complain about that sense of boredom everyday, yet you still can’t be bothered to drag yourself out of the house for a walk. Always tomorrow? Yeh, right.

3. Self esteem? You lost all of that when you started looking at yourself on zoom calls. Surely, that can’t be me?

4. Lockdown is really showing now. Your flawless skin has been replaced by dry skin and spots. Your hair feels drier than ever and you genuinely feel like your former self is fading away.

5. You’re at the point that you’re actually reminiscing about lockdown 1, like it was some sort of trip of a lifetime around the world experience.

6. You question your purpose everyday. The days are more groundhoggy than they ever were before.

7. Replying to messages is too much of an effort now. Voice notes? Don’t even go there.

8. You’d use to question yourself eating a whole tub or packet of something, now it’s just the daily norm.

9. You stare out the window everyday when you’re working, headphones in, pretending you’re in a music video and how it’s going to feel when we go back to some kind of ‘normality’.

10. The worst part is, our daily life in lockdown, now feels normal. You never listen to the announcements or keep abreast of the news anymore, assuming there isn’t any change.

11. Being invested in a TV series is the HIGHLIGHT of the day. Holla at you Married at first sight Australia. It makes every day worth it.

12. You long for that warm, heated office. You never knew how freakin COLD your house was during the day, in winter. Hot water bottles accompany you to every zoom call.

13. You long for Friday night to roll around for the weekend but then realise, oh no wait, I have nothing to look forward to.

14. Okay, so you actually never wear jeans or proper clothes now. What’s the point?

15. Despite being at home 24/7, your washing pile still overflows and it’s become even harder to engage in cleaning your home.

16. That constant battle between wishing your life away and realising that you’re missing out on valuable months of your life.

17. The feeling that washes over you pretty much everyday. ‘I just can’t be bothered to do anything’.

18. You don’t even resort to online shopping anymore. Even that’s boring. Why do I need 10 brand new jumpers and going out dresses? Unless it’s loungewear. Of course.

19. The major upside is the fact that your expensive makeup no longer runs out. Quids in.

20. You continue to dream about real life returning. Holiday plans. Brunch with friends. Nights out. Never let go of that, because it’s magic. And it is coming.

Can you relate? We might not be any closer to ‘normality’ but the evenings are getting lighter, spring is on the way and good times are just around the corner now. Please!

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