How To Make A Winter Lockdown Survival Kit

lockdown survival kit

Three’s a charm, right? Whilst I think I’ve somewhat got used to this way of living over the last 9 months, I can’t help but get into that thinking that life is just at a standstill. We literally are waking up to do the same thing every, single day. It’s days like that when it just becomes suffocating and I just want things to be normal again.

There’s only so much chocolate and rocking back and forth we can do to console ourselves lol. After the success of my Hygge emergency kit I thought I would put a similar winter lockdown survival kit idea together.

I’ve created this for that moment when you need it most. You literally are ‘bored in the house, in the house bored’. You can’t be bothered to get out of bed. You can’t imagine doing all the things you enjoy doing again. You’re stuck in isolation. Or you just need a pick me up.

When you’re feeling any of those things, just bring the box out and cherish the small things that make you happy. You can mostly create one for free with a few little additions to make your day that little bit better.

The lockdown survival kit is filled with only your favourite things. Those items that will bring instant joy and happiness, allowing you to take a step back from those feelings that lockdown brings with it. Time to grab a box or basket and fill with your favourite things to get through lockdown 3.0. These are just few of the core essentials that every survival kit needs…

lockdown survival kit


I really got into journalling in 2020. I thought writing about the lockdown would be something interesting to look back on in years to come. I was also going through a very rough period of time and writing things down whenever things felt a bit heavy really helped to lift my mood and put things to bed.

Even if you write a sentence a day, putting pen to paper is incredibly therapeutic and a calm way to start your day. We spend so long on social media surpassing our true feelings, and writing down how we really feel can just help to lift that load a bit.

2. Book

Every lockdown box needs a feel good book. For those (every waking moment) that boredom sets in grab your book and try to read at least a chapter. I’m a sucker for self help/personal development books as I really feel like I get something from them. Whilst a good fiction read helps me to escape from reality.

I was kindly gifted 5,203 things to do instead of looking at your phone which I LOVE. Whether it’s lockdown, a rainy day or when boredom kicks in, this book is, well, full of 5,203 things you can do!

3. Candles

Candles are a winter essential, not luxury. We’ve got to embrace the little things as much as we can right now, huh? Light your fave candle, stick your favourite film on and grab all your blankets for a cosy evening. It’s the new going out!

4. Snacks

If it wasn’t for snacks to look forward to each day I certainly wouldn’t have got through last year. Whether it was for the 5pm Boris briefings or eating those feelings again. Whilst I’m back on my healthy eating now, we all need those snacks to look forward to during the week. My box would definitely be full of chocolate, strawberry laces and Devon Fudge.

5. Board Games

I really really like that lockdown has helped us to revert to old, traditional activities. Puzzles and board games are the lockdown saviour. I picked up What Do You Meme before Christmas and it’s one of my faveeees.

hotel chocolat velvetiser

6. Hot Chocolate

Doesn’t hot chocolate make everything better? Our homes have become our schools, offices, cafes and restaurants over the last year. Having that little bit of cafe experience to look forward to is so worth it. I received a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser for Christmas which has changed my life, lol. I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever get a hot chocolate out again after all of this.

7. Bath Bombs & Bubbles

Like I said in my 20 things you definitely did in 2020 post, the shower or bath has become the best part of any lockdown day. I adore a bath anyway, but having a nice bubble bath or Lush bath bomb to look forward to helps make pamper night that bit better.

8. Loungewear Set

So, I may have purchased about 14078 different loungewear sets since lockdown 1 began, and wot? Indulging in a gorgeous high quality loungewear set to pull out for the weekend or after a pamper night is better than any night out.

9. Hot Water Bottle

How cold is working from home in the winter? I treated myself to a new Primark hot water bottle and it’s heaven. I do one in the morning and it just makes those mornings of working from home so much better and cosier! Can we work from home forever?

10. Camera

Just because we can’t do the things we so desperately want to do, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remember them. We are living through history. We might only be leaving our house a few times for a walk or that weekly food shop but cherish those special memories of having more time with your partner, children or family. Embrace the little moments and don’t forget to capture them. Take photos and loads of them, and create a lockdown scrapbook afterwards.

Let’s do this! Let the lockdown countdown begin, make it a cosy and enjoyable one by enjoying the little things we have in front of us. What are your 3 winter lockdown essentials? Catch me over on Instagram for plenty more content or to just say hey!

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