How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

how to come up with blog post title ideas

This is probably one of my most frequently asked questions by people that are wanting to setup a blog or are hitting that inevitable bloggers writing block that we all hit time to time.

I wrote something a little bit similar a few years ago on how I prep for my blog posts, however, as my blog has evolved and grown over the last few years I have a little bit of a strategy in place now which helps me to come up with blog post ideas that I know will rank and attract more traffic.

So, how do I come up with blog post ideas? I’ve split it into the below sections that will enable you to generate blog titles in advance for your content calendar. It’s a sure fire way to keep you hitting your monthly posting goals.

Analyse Your Top Performing Posts

One of the best ways to come up with blog post title ideas that you know people will read is delving into your google analytics history. If you don’t already have Google Analytics setup, do this now! It offers you invaluable insights into your site and provides free ways to improve your site when you know what information to look for.

The best way to to do this is by starting with a large subset of data such as 6 months. Go up to date and choose a custom date range.

Next, on the left hand side of your dashboard you’re going to want to head to Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages.

This section tells you what the top landing pages for your blog are. I.e which of your blog posts people are really loving! By identifying what the most popular topics are, can you branch off them? Or if beauty reviews are the most popular, keep doing more of those.

For me, this is a key place to start planning your next blog topics. As you can see below the two posts I’ve written on the lines of Instagram are by far my most popular posts. This is mostly due to the success of my pins on Pinterest. However, I actually have very few posts based around Instagram, this is what my readers are enjoying, so why wouldn’t I piggyback on the success of these?

Pinterest Popular Searches

Pinterest is always my go to place for blog inspiration. In the last year I’ve found tapping into Pinterest popular searches hugely beneficial, so much so that it helped me generate 1 million impressions from one pin and 2K + traffic to that pin.

The key is to be reactive with this, if you spot a topic that’s relevant to your blog jump on it straight away as the popular searches change regularly. Simply click the search box and scroll down to the ‘popular on Pinterest’ section.

As these do change regularly, there’s always plenty of blog title inspiration available.

Answer The Public

I stumbled across this little ingenious site over Christmas and I love it! Answer The Public uses raw search insights from Googles 3 billion searches everyday. All you do is enter a specific keyword or search term that is relevant to your blog. For example I’m going to search Plymouth to see what users are searching around this topic, giving me hundreds of possible ideas that I could branch off into.

Click search and it generates all of the different, hot topics that people are searching for. You can also download it as a CSV file. I usually upload these to google drive and then go down the list highlighting the titles that are suitable for my blog.

You’ll never be stuck for blog title ideas EVER again. This does all the hard work for you and tells you what people really are searching for.

You can get x 2 free searches a day, so get a list of terms together and get stuck in.

Get Inspiration

When the blog title ideas really aren’t coming to you, take a step back. From taking that step back, seek plenty of inspiration.

If I’m really lacking ideas I’ll look at what posts some of my favourite bloggers have written recently, do some pinning and searching on Pinterest and sometimes even go back to basics with a traditional magazine. Remember those, huh?

Just remember there’s always inspiration around us when we take the time to notice it. Been taking a walk every lunch whilst working from home? Write a blog on your favourite ways to get outside when working from home. Listened to a great podcast? Do a feature on five of your fave motivational podcasts. Break down the chunks of your day and the things you enjoy and I promise that you’ll find scope for plenty of ideas within that.

Do you have any other ways for generating blog post ideas? Catch me over on Instagram for plenty more content or to just say hey!

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