7 Things You Can Do To Make Working From Home Comfy

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When we all left our offices last March I don’t think any of us ever envisaged we’d still be here, a YEAR later.

The earlier days were very much about actually get dressed in proper clothes, using that commuting time for those household chores that usually had to wait until the weekend, and y’know, working from a desk.

As weeks turned into months, we started a weekly rotation of different loungewear outfits. Makeup doesn’t exist and washing your hair might happen, once a week? The desk became then sofa and sometimes even the bed. Depending how we feel, of course.

Oh working from home, such a love hate relationship for so many of us, huh?

It might not be the ideal, but nothing beats working from home when you’re cosy, comfortable and not having to contend with the weather in the winter. Here’s 7 things you can do to making working from home the cosiest.


*Wearing: Cream Chunky Knit Cardigan With Belt – Style Cheat

The last year has made me realise that life is better in loungewear. I said it. The soft pants, the chunky knits, the cosy socks. I mean, we don’t deserve it. It makes working from home the best.

I pretty much wear the same loungewear outfits on rotation. Some of my favourite lockdown loungewear outfits are from Style Cheat.

This chunky knit cardigan that I’m wearing is THE ONE. It feels like I’m wearing a cosy dressing gown and the best bit? It’s stylish too. Wear it tied up without a t-shirt, throw some white sneakers on and it’s uber stylish for popping out to the shops. Thank you for coming into my life <3

Working from home does get super cold in the winter, so it’s very much all about those layers. More is more!

stylecheat loungewear
stylecheat loungewear

2. Comfy Working Space

Whether it’s from your sofa, dining table, bed or a desk, you need that perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

Admittedly, my home office wasn’t that comfy when I first set it up. The chair felt cold and my shoulders were really being strained. I’ve since added Mongolian fur to the seat. Omg this stuff is <3 and I have a laptop stand from IKEA which was about £2. BEST thing you will ever purchase, and you can use it anywhere!

IMG 3350

3. Hot Water Bottles

We all know the trick with zoom calls, dress the top half yeah yeah. But what about the hot water bottle game. Freezing AF room? Get that hot water bottle underneath your top. It’s the dreamiest thing ever!

4. Up Your Drinks Game

The tea run is so corporate office. Not gonna lie, the Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser is a game changer. Cafe perfect hot chocolates with marshmallows whenever I want? I look forward to this little slice of joy everyday when I work from home. Hot chocolates really are a winter warmer.

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5. Keep Things Tidy

I’ll tend to work between my desk and dining table at the moment as my room can be super cold in the afternoons. This sometimes means working amongst the crumbs from last nights dinner and the rest of the junk that gets chucked on the table lolz. Not cute. Go clean your desk space now! Tidy space, tidy mind. It makes things feel so much more productive and comfortable.

6. Don’t Forget Your Feet

We might not be on them as much as we used to be. But don’t forget to totally treat those feet. Heels are a thing of the past. It’s all about those soft, floofy slippers. It makes walking to the fridge on regular intervals SO much better.

Slippers – Tesco.

IMG 9227

7. Differentiate Between Your Work Space & Relaxation

This is easier said than done as they DO blend. But having a clear divide between work and relaxation is key to help you feel comfortable when you’re working, and relaxing.

If you can, try NOT to work from the sofa or bed. I mean, we’ve all definitely done this at some point… You’ll appreciate those lunch breaks, (when you remember to take them) on the sofa and those daily evening commutes between the desk and sofa.

What are you top tips for making working from home more comfortable?

*This post is a paid collaboration with Style Cheat, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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