2020: 20 Things You Definitely Did This Year

Okay, so 2019 was a bad year for me, so with great optimism on the 1st January, feeling highly optimistic, positive and hopeful for the year ahead, my best friend texts me ‘there will be good this year, but also some bad’. I was like, oh great. Because my god, she wasn’t joking, huh?

2020 has been a shit storm for pretty much everyone. In May I could barely get myself out of bed, because going to sleep was the best part of the day when the worries and sadness were dead to the world. But through some sort of sheer resilience and strength, I’m looking back on that time of my life as a different entity. 2020 has ended up being the best and most life changing year of my life so far.

Unfortunately you have to go through the rough to get to the good sometimes. That’s life. Ultimately, you’ve just got to believe and keep going even when everything else says otherwise.

Let’s just say, if it wasn’t for the memes mocking the UK government, well, I think we’d all be struggling to crack a laugh this year. It’s fair to say that 2020 will be remembered forever, here’s 20 things you definitely did this year, right?

  1. You posted photos of your last holiday to Insta with one of the following captions: a) This time last year b) get me on the first plane out of here after this c) Ibiza with the girls *crying emoji* d) you actually went to Dubai among the other z listers.

2. A shower or bath was the highlight of your day.

3. Every time you coughed, sneezed or had a headache, you had COVID.

4. Had at least one text from a friend pre lockdown whose dad’s, dad’s friends uncle’s dog had a friend in the army who was sending all the troops in overnight, oh and Prince Philip had also died. You believed it.

5. Said in March, ‘at least this isn’t happening during Christmas’. How naive could we be?

6. Put makeup on and got dressed up for the weekly food shop.

7. Bought at least 16580 different loungewear sets.

8. Thought how much money you’d save during lockdown. Cute. Turns out it’s redistributed in a different way through constant online deliveries instead.

9. You watched at least one of the following; a) tiger king b) love is blind c) married at first sight Australia (THE ABSOLUTE BOMB may I add) d) every crime documentary there’s ever been on Netflix.

10. You bought Disney + then realised you don’t actually watch it.

11. You started getting snacks ready for Boris’ 5pm briefings.

12. You used to make an effort with your appearance working from home. Now it’s just loungewear, no makeup and working from the sofa.

13. You gained weight. You lost weight. You gained weight. F*** it, it’s Christmas now.

14. Working from home in the winter, you realise you haven’t left the house in 5 days.

15. You downloaded TikTok and posted at least one video in your quest to become TikTok famous.

16. You used to think wearing a mask in the supermarket was a bit extreme.

17. You blamed your spots on your mask. That naughty little thing. And not the 10 chocolate bars you consumed over the weekend.

18. Attempted to cut or dye your hair during lockdown. Doesn’t really work, does it?

19. Sang ‘I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored’ at least 20 times, when you were bored, in the house.

20. Wondered how we ever went into supermarkets without masks, sat next to people in the cinema and were served by people without gloves and masks on. Like ewww.

So, there we have it. The things we definitely all did this year. I’m sure there’s like 169030 others like looking forward to a nice night in when lockdown finished and putting rainbows up in our windows. Oh, it’s the little things.

Which ones do you feel the most?

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