20 Lessons From 2020

life lessons from 2020

I just want to say, you made it. To everyone who has survived 2020, you are amazing.

This year has affected everyone in more ways than we could ever imagine. But through strength, positivity and resilience, we’re still here now.

The end of the year is a time that people focus on reflections of the year and what they’ve achieved. But really, the biggest achievement is just getting through this year for everyone. Remember that.

The end of the year is a really reflective time for me, even more so after this year, here’s 20 lessons from 2020 that I’ll be taking into 2021…

  1. It’s really okay to not feel okay. Things might feel hard, you might hit rock bottom, but everything does get better. Trust the process and keep going.

2. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith without knowing how things will turn out.

3. Everything you want in life can be achieved with one small word. Consistency.

4. Going outside for fresh air and a walk is one of the worlds greatest elixirs.

5. Sleep on it. Everything will seem clearer after a good nights sleep. A chance to reset.

6. Be grateful for the smallest things. A warm cup of tea. The way you feel cosy and safe on the sofa when it rains. Waking up, happy and healthy.

7. Taking a step back is the only way to gain perspective.

8. The hardest things to walk away from are the things you NEED to walk away from.

9. Stop delaying the inevitable. Take the risk.

10. Be honest with how you feel, what you expect and what you don’t want to do. Don’t ever let any situation or person to let you lose your voice and identity.

11. Stop seeking validation from other people.

12. Social media can be toxic if you don’t use it wisely. Have detoxes, post for YOURSELF, not others.

13. We only really see highlight reels of peoples lives. Read that again.

14. You don’t lose real friends and opportunities when you start standing up for yourself and setting clear boundaries. (Thanks Steven Bartlett, for this quote).

15. Knowing when to leave is so important.

16. The most unexpected people can step into your life when you least expect it.

17. Success requires replacement.

18. I won’t choose anything that comes at the cost of my mental health.

19.To get from a miserable to a happy place, you have to be brave enough to travel through a scary, vulnerable and lonely place called uncertainty. The reward is on the other side of that. Avoiding all risk, is your biggest risk.

20. You have survived 100% of your worst days. You’ve got this.

What’s been your biggest life lesson from 2020? Wishing you all the most amazing 2021 – stay positive, embrace the little things in life and keep going.

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