13 Ways To Celebrate New Years Eve From Home This Year

I would say that NYE won’t be the same this year, but NOTHING has been the same this year. We adapt. Whilst there is an inkling of possibility for going out on New Years Eve in tier 2 areas, it looks likely that most of us will be bringing in 2021 in our home. I guess it wouldn’t be right not to after pretty much spending every waking moment at home this year, huh?

Whilst this year definitely isn’t going to be the norm, we’ve got to make the most of it, embrace being with the ones we can be with, and KNOW that better times will be coming in 2021. They will be, right?

Note, this involve lots of drink, fun and celebration, but mostly food. Here’s 13 ways to celebrate New Years Eve from home this year.

how to celebrate New Years eve from home

1.Board Games Night

If you do anything, buy what do you meme now! I picked this up from The Range before Christmas and it’s the most I’ve laughed in agessss. It’s a millennial must have for a board games night to see in the new year.

2. Get Dressed Up

If there’s anything I’ve missed the most this year it’s properly getting dressed up with a full face of makeup. Whilst my skin is in love with me for it, I miss it! It’s no NYE without going all out, even if you are staying in. Get dolled up and get some snaps for the gram.

how to celebrate New Years eve from home

3. Cocktail Night

Throw a little cocktail night party. Roll that copper bar cart out, have a Pinterest board full of pretty cocktail or cocktail recipes and have fun! Side of champagne, optional.

4. Have A Dinner Party

Go come dine with me style, even if it is just the two of you. Go all out and make a different dish each, dress up and get your Insta followers to rate the meals by how they look.

5. Watch A Movie

Have a film night. I know we’ve had like 16589 during lockdown, but have another! Love love love escape room if you’re looking for an action packed film.

how to celebrate New Years eve from home

6. Observe NYE From A Den

Or camp in your garden? A den fort is the cosiest thing ever. Set one up in your living room, bring all the fairy lights in, a laptop for Netflix and alllll the snacks! Switch your phone off for the evening and relax.

7. Create A Lockdown Scrapbook

You’ll need to do some prep work for this one, but it’s something I really want to do. 2020 is a year we’ll never forget, but one that needs to be remembered. Get your fave photos from the year printed off, including your masked selfies.. Get a scrapbook or an A3 piece of card and start creating a lockdown scrapbook. I love The Range and Hobbycraft for arts and crafts pieces.

8. Plan 2021

There’s nothing I love more about that transition between the old and new year than getting clear on what I want from the new year. Create a vision board for the new year, all the things you want to manifest into your life. Define your goals between personal, health, finances and work to really get clarity and focus on what you want in 2021. Doing this before the year is up allows you to start with passion and clarity on the 1st.

how to celebrate New Years eve from home

9. Picky Buffet Dinner

Picky dinners > regular meals. Errryday. Anyone else still eating cheese and crackers like it’s going out of fashion? Same. Create a grazing platter and a buffet dinner that you can all pick at as the evening goes on. It’s easy, yummy and perfect for finishing up the leftovers too.

10. Club Night

Remember when we could stay out all night and dance to our hearts content? No, me neither. It’s one of the best ways to bring the new year in, crank the tunes up and dance the night away in your living room.

11. Pizza Night

So basically like most nights in lockdown then, huh? I may have eaten more pizza than my life this year, but I still fancy a good old pizza night on NYE. Making it from scratch has got to be done! Sainsbury’s do a bag of pizza flour dough that you literally just add water to and you have a fresh, doughy base. So good. Grab all the toppings you can think of and passata and get baking.

12. Have a Quiz Night On Zoom

Whilst we can’t be with our loved ones this year, why not host a zoom quiz night with everyone? A cute way to virtually bring in the new year with everyone.

how to celebrate New Years eve from home

13. Deck The Halls

Go ALL out with the NYE decorations. I’m talking balloons, signs, confetti, ball pits, it only happens once a year right? Think of the photo opps too.

However, you’re spending NYE at home this year, I hope you have the best time. Remember to stay positive, look to the future and just think, surely 2021 can’t be any worse? How are you spending NYE this year?

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