15 Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

wall art ideas for your home

I kid you not when I say that it took me shy of 3 years to hang up the prints I bought for my first home. 3 YEARS.

It took one person to show me that it was literally as simple as hammering a nail into the wall, who knew? Since then, I’ve transformed part of a room into a home office that wouldn’t have been complete without some gorgeous wall art to box the area in.

With what has been a year of spending a lot of time indoors and the dark nights drawing in, now is as important time as any to create a homely, warming and finished space.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your walls with some new prints or add some new art to your home, here’s 15 cute wall art ideas for your home.

1.Flamingo Love Watercolour Print

I love this flamingo print which is part of Fine Art America’s range of framed prints. This would be super cute on its own or in addition to a gallery wall.

wall art ideas for your home

2. Koala Framed Print

I am a massive fan of whimsical prints for that extra cute factor, especially when they involve animals.

I have a similar dog print like this that I have in my home office which works so well when teamed with monochromatic prints and quotes.

wall art ideas for your home

3. A Brooklyn Perspective Poster

There’s nothing better than a perspective city scene, especially when it’s of my favourite city in the world, New York baby! Posters are a great idea if you want to look at getting it framed yourself or adding as a singular poster to your wall.

wall art ideas for your home

4. Audrey Hepburn 2 Poster

Such an iconic print, who doesn’t love an Audrey Hepburn print?! I love the pops of colour in this design, perfect for adding to a room with minimal colour or to match the furnishings in your home.

wall art ideas for your home

5. No193 Forrest Gump Minimal Movie Poster

For the movie lover, movie posters are a nostalgic and fun choice. I adore this Forrest Gump print for the sheer simplicity.

wall art ideas for your home

6. Monkey Business Poster

If you’re creating an abstract gallery wall, this would be such a fun addition! Whether you’re going all out monochrome or pops of colour too, this poster is cute, endearing and eye catching.

wall art ideas for your home

7. She Wanted To So She Did Tapestry

I love a cute iconic quote as much as the next person. I love the idea of tapestry wall hangings rather than just standard prints as they add an additional level of depth and texture to the wall.

wall art ideas for your home

8. Flush-Art Tapestry

The perfect addition to a bathroom, huh?

wall art ideas for your home

9. RV Dusk Framed Print

I am OBSESSED with this print! I love the dusky tones which meet space age. This would look perfect placed on its own for maximum impact.

wall art ideas for your home

10. Marilyn Monroe Framed Print

Just because, who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe?! Another iconic print that would add so much presence to a wall.

wall art ideas for your home

11. What Do I Wear In Bed?

Classy, iconic and cute – one of my favourite quotes from the queen herself. This monochrome print would look perfect alongside other black and white prints or quotes.

wall art ideas for your home

12. Fall Colours Framed Print

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract…I love the almost out of focus autumnal shot, this is perfect if you’re one who likes to swap your prints around as the seasons change.

wall art ideas for your home

13. The Parking Ticket Poster

Loving this astronaut style poster, they’re a little bit quirky and cool!

wall art ideas for your home

14. The Divers Poster

I’m instantly drawn to any diving/swimming posters and I love the era of this style poster.

wall art ideas for your home

15. Rapunzel Poster

Loving the Disney vibes in this poster!

wall art ideas for your home

From whimsical to typographic, there’s so many beautiful wall art designs that can totally transform the walls in your home. What style of wall art is your favourite?

*This post has been written in collaboration with Fine Art America, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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