How I Hit 1 Million Impressions on Pinterest

It’s no secret that I adore Pinterest.

I pinned and pinned away for years on end. I only used it as a means to save home inspiration and covet over dream houses that I’d probably never have. I had no idea how this platform could actually be used to help my blog grow. Or even how to grow my Pinterest account.

I saw so many tweets about how Pinterest was now their websites biggest traffic generator. And I was just like HOW. I do not understand you. I’d been on the platform for years and couldn’t seem to get any traction. As for followers, I only seemed to gain those that names began with ‘I follow back’.

If you’re nodding along to any of the above, you need to keep reading. No, seriously.

Then about two years ago I started to properly get into the nitty gritty of Pinterest and I grew my account in quick succession by 1,000 followers. I even shared a post on 5 easy ways to grow your Pinterest following, still relevant today (shameless plug, I know).

My follower account grew. But as they say, followers are a vanity metric. It meant jack shit. Followers = nothing. There I said it.

Then this year, I started to develop a proper strategy with Pinterest. Pinterest has now become my BIGGEST traffic generator, it has even surpassed organic, I’ve hit just over 1 million impressions this month and a singular pin which has had over 7k repins in the last 30 days.

The best bit. You can do it too.


I think the biggest reason that many people find Pinterest doesn’t work for them is time. Pinterest requires the largest amount of time to get started. It’s all about consistency, consistency, consistency. A few pins here and there is not going to do anything apart from add pins to your boards.

The best discovery for me was Tailwind which I use to schedule my pins in advance. This allows me to schedule at the start of the week in bulk, I can then forget about it for the rest of the week if I want to.

With time comes consistency, you need to be pinning at least x10 a day spread over the day for your impressions to start increasing.

Organic Pins

Repinning content that’s already on Pinterest will help to bulk up your boards and sure, it looks good. But the real traffic earners are created through your own organic pins. I cannot stress this enough.

Creating your own content is key to owning this platform and growing your online traffic, whether that’s to a blog or a business website.

That was where I had been going wrong. Then it all changed.

I went back through all of my old blog posts and pinned them onto relevant boards. I then used Canva to create overlay graphics like the below which I then also pinned onto my boards.

This double headed approach really started to work for me. The more you can pin those individual posts with all your images, the better. Unlike Instagram, the beauty of Pinterest is that a pin you posted 1 month ago could suddenly go viral. Once its out there it will continue to gain traction, whereas an Instagram post seems to decay in terms of fresh visibility after around 24 hours.

Popular On Pinterest

Then I discovered this little gem. I worked out that the search bar always shows what is currently trending on Pinterest which is listed underneath ‘popular on Pinterest’.

If there was something on this list that I thought I could be reactive to and quickly write a post on it and pin it I did it. I didn’t know if it would work, and also many of the topics are super broad and not relevant to my blog. Having said that, I use my own blog and social media for a testbed to see what works socially.

I tried this method on both 21 Instagram story content ideas and 50 + Instagram caption ideas.

Then the game changed. My Instagram Stories Ideas BOOMED after about 2 weeks of it being on Pinterest. This pin alone has gained me a huge share of the impressions. My followers increase daily and it’s had over 7k repins in the last 30 days. It has also attracted over 1k page views to this blog directly from Pinterest in the same time.

The proof is in the pudding that this method works if you can tap into one of the trends and work it.

Suggested Boards

It’s all a game of velocity on Pinterest to get yourself noticed. The more followers you gain, the more repins your pin gets, the more pins you pin…and so on.

Getting into a suggested board position on Pinterest puts you in a very advantageous position to gain more followers. You can’t become a suggested board until your board has 40+ pins (I keep my boards secret until they hit this amount). You can also be put forward as a suggested user if you have a large enough following.

There are SO many more ways that I have utilised Pinterest in the last few months to sky rocket my blog traffic. I’m thinking of writing a more extensive downloadable e-Book in the next month or so with task lists that you can do to help you achieve growth on this difficult to please platform too.

Pinterest represents my biggest traffic earner and is where I put the majority of time with pushing out my content these days. Over time it has become a passive traffic earner, especially with pins I posted years ago. This really is the beauty of Pinterest. It’s why I love ya!

Do come and say hello to me over on Pinterest and drop a comment below if you have any questions. Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to get your FREE e-book on a full breakdown on how I achieved this phenomenal growth on Pinterest.

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